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Do you believe dogs are here on earth to be guardian angels for humans?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) January 24th, 2012

We were discussing dogs in general and my wife asked me, “do you believe dogs were placed on earth to protect and love human beings”?. I thought this would be a great question for Fluther.
Question: so, do you believe dogs were placed on earth to be guardian angels for humans? If so, how does your K-9 friend love and protect you?

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Nope. I think the pairing of wolves and early humans was serendipitous and beneficial to both species, but certainly not supernaturally pre-determined.

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No. I don’t believe anything. I don’t think “dogs were placed” either. They probably evolved from some other animal.

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Dogs were bred from wolves by humans via guided evolution by artificial selection.
Put a human in a cage with a pack of wolves and see how angelic they will treat the ape.

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I think we just got lucky and they’re an incredible gift to us, but I think it just happened.

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In general… What @JilltheTooth said.

Specifically… I think my dog was put on this earth to lick my face while I’m sleeping.

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Yes, and pigs were placed here to produce strip after strip of mouth-wateringly delicious bacon.

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No. What a silly idea.

First, that there is such a thing as a guardian angle.
Second, that if there were, a dog would qualify for the role.

Companions, sure.
Guards, sure.
pets, of course.

But guardian angels – how ludicrous.

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No, like magical angels? No.

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@GladysMensch: ROFL. That’s classic.

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No, but they make great companions.

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Wait, wasn’t this just covered on the laundry thread? Dogs are here to accessorize.

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No. @john65pennington, I believe humans have guardian angels, and dogs have their own guardian angel.

Do I think that dogs have a larger purpose in our lives than to be furry friends? Yes.

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Just figuring out my own vocation is hard enough without presuming to discern God’s pupose for an entire other species. On a personal level, I thank God for the dogs that have been a part of my life, and I hope I have done right by them. As a citizen, I try to support wise policies concerning dogs and contribute to appropriate organizations that protect them. What their ultimate purpose in the cosmos might be is beyond my grasp.

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The most important job of any animal we love and live with is to teach us unconditional love and a reverence for all life forms. Guardian angels, doubtful, but teachers of unconditional love, absolutely!

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Not gardian angels, I don’t like to put that kind of responsibility on my dogs. They make bloody good friends though and that’s good enough for me!

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Dogs were put here to show us what unconditional love feels like.
I haven’t read the others yet, so if I repeated, sorry.

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No, but that’s what they do and why we love them :) which is why animal abuse is so hard for me (and a lot of people I’d think) to understand. :(

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I have to say no, But I know there are people that feel so much love for and from their dog’s that they may actually not just feel this way but really believe they are Angels. And perhaps just perhaps they are for these individuals, They sure help some very old and neglected senior citizens get through some extremely lonely times in their lives, I have worked with the elderly and I have seen their dog’s be the light of their lives, and more times than I like to remember, their only companionship for sometimes weeks at a time,

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“Cats rule, and dogs drool.”

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I don’t think dogs were ’‘placed’’, and their existence didn’t originally cater to our existences, besides on however nature and its evolution works. And that is, if we’re indeed actually really mindless creatures with DNA drawn only to serve out some role in nature. Erm. Dogs became a part of human civilizations because we made them do it.

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No. I think we are various species with different level of social attitudes.

Yes, we are close with our dogs, and perhaps they go to the rainbow bridge.

But there are more angels than the 4 legged ones.

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Actually I thought this was the purpose of cats. My cats have always been there for me and have been very affectionate around me when I was hurting emotionally. It is like they can actually sense your pain and then they attempt to comfort you. I have had dogs for pets already and I like them too but it seems that each animal has their own ways of being there for you.You have to earn their trust first.

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What if your deceased dog came back as your Aunt Matilda?

Would this qualify?

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cats are not guardian angels. cats are GODS.

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I’ll say what I said on another thread: having a dog is more like having a toddler than having a cat. Having a cat is more like having a houseplant than having a dog.

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^Not in my home @submariner. My cats all kiss, knead and head butt us. Our dogs are quite brilliant.

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I’ve been ruminating on this one….and maybe there is something to GOD being DOG backwards.
Dogs are great protectors. Un conditional. and therefore, angelability.
Maybe your wife is correct.

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