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Do you think that you turned out more like your parents than you would’ve expected?

Asked by EverRose11 (1026points) January 24th, 2012

I hear my mother in comments I make to my children more and more as I get older..

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My wife and I kid each other about this. I tease her that every day she gets a little more like her mom and she to me says I’m turning into my dad.

But to answer the question, I’d say no but I am conscious not to acquire any undesirable traits my parents have. For instance, I still have never told my kids to “Turn that god damn music down!”. (If it’s too loud, you’re too old.)

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Nope. I’ve stayed with, encouraged, and loved my family.

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My parents are dead. I am alot like my father. Nothing like my mother, who was a saint.

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Saint my parents are dead also, but it is as though I say things or pronounce something and it is as if I hear my Mother… it has b happening more and more as I grow older I feel.

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No, not really, but I see how I was formed from them.

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Yes but thankfully in ways I can accept.

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Both of my parents are dead. I was becoming like my father when I was married to my first wife, but a friend helped me sort all that out. Now I am who I want to be, taking various behaviors and beliefs from wherever I find truth.

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I don’t know what I expected to turn out like! My parents instilled a lot of my core values. But I am much less conservative than they were.

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I kind of expected myself to be more like my parents, but I have managed to avoid a lot of the things I didn’t like in them. However, it does seem there are certain traits I share with my father that I am not proud of. I seem to have a sneer that puts the fear of God in people around me. Seems, my father does that, too.

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No. At least not yet. I think I have some similarities with my mother – naturally since I (still) spend so much time with her – but our personalities as a whole are very different. She’s extroverted, vocally stubborn and confrontational, and not very interested in exploring things beyond their face value. I’m very introverted, quiet, pretty non-confrontational, at and rather curious about most things.

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I did not expect to, and I did not.

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MollyMcGuire welcome to fluther.

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I think I’m like my mother in a lot of ways.
I have her good looks. ;)
Her creativity. Her insight. Her sense of right and wrong.

I’m not a lot like my father.
I have his aggression.

But over all, I am who I want to be. Someone I can be proud of being.

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Yes, some good traits and some not-so-good ones, but if I am aware of them, then that empowers me to change.

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