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What do you use to 'shave' your unmentionables?

Asked by delirium (13715points) May 20th, 2008 from iPhone

If you ‘shave’ them…. er….. it.

I seem to like nairbest but have yet to try waxing. What are your experiences with this? What do you use most? Which is best if you want to not be totally bald there but just remove the majority of hair? (to note, before any anti-shavers say anything… Aesthetically and healthily I prefer unshaven and nicely trimmed but shaving is done out of niceness to my partner during oral sex.)

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First clippers, then razor, then lotion.

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I can’t add anything too novel shaving techniques but the term “bikini zone” is interesting. Millions of bikinis at blowout prices!

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I see that term a lot and have assumed that it was a tactful advertising way of saying “vagina”. I could, however, easily be wrong.

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delirium- I’m sure your right but its still a fun term.

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If you have an ok pain tolerance I recommend trying waxing. The process itself is over relatively quickly and the hair grows back thinner and less comes back. Plus if you have it done professionally there’s less ingrown hairs and irritated pores. And it lasts for 3–6 weeks.

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I totally agree with Kay. Having extremely sensitive skin however, makes it extremely painful for me; I have to take frequent breaks between my session.

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Um, as a non shaver, I have no issue against it, except how do you deal with razor stubble???? I think I would be extremely unattractive scratching my hoo-ha.

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hahahaha!! I use a lot of shea butter and do my best to ignore it.

and if it didn’t increase the incidence of oral by so much, I probably wouldn’t do it

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I really like the term “hoo-ha”


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@delirium, that’s the advantage of being lesbian ;)

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Hahahaha, luuuuucky! ;)

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Funny how it’s better when the girl is shaved and the guy isn’t. Facially, I mean.

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oy. I hate when he doesnt shave his face.

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Ewww, messy.

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And hurty.

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It’s the worst when a guy grabs you and rubs his face on your arm or face knowing that his stubble hurts sometimes and then says ‘ow why did you hit me’ after you smacked them. Oi

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No, I’m talking full, soft growth.

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Full growth is fine, and sometimes longer stubble isn’t bad either

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Wax, wax, wax, wax, wax is my suggestion. I have very sensitive skin so the first time was a little ouchy, but over time it gets better and I think that skin adapts. Even when I get lazy and don’t make an appointment for a while, my partner doesn’t mind because a) he’s a hippie and b) the hair grows in much softer and less coarse than if you shave it off and get all stubbly.

Man, I’ve talked about waxing way more on Fluther than I ever wanted to.

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I’d be really uncomfortable with someone waxing my unmentionables! Yeeep!

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@delirium: Whoa, you said you prefer Nair??? I only tried that once, when I was like, 15. Never again. My entire, um, area BURNED for at least three days. It was so awful. I’ve used Nair on my legs and underarms, and that was fine, but it had a really awful effect on my vagina! After that experience, I started believing the bottle when it told me not to use it on my genitals.

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I had an awful experience with it at first, a loooong time ago, but I think its improved. I think the formula has changed somewhat, because my recent explorations with it haven’t been anywhere near as negative as the first time. (But I am very very very careful about the time limit.)

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That’s good to know! Maybe I’ll try it again. It was about 8 years ago that happened, so it makes sense that the formula has changed. Does the bottle still say that it is not intended for use on genitals?

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I believe it says that its okay for the ‘bikini zone’. Or at least that they make ones that are okay for it.
Bikini zone = genitals, right? I’ve always assumed but never been 100% sure.

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Can I jump in here, girls? By bikini zone, I’d take that to mean the area down to the pubic bone. I SURE wouldn’t use any chemical removal method any further under than that.

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Waxing tears the skin from my lady bits, chaffe is yucky.

I’d prefer just to trim but my hair is straight and coarse even though there’s little of it so it’s sharp and scratchy when cut. If I’m not having sex with anyone, trimming is fine because I won’t hurt anyone.

Shaving is what I do when I’ve got a sex partner so I don’t tear up their skin. If I had fine hair then I’d just keep it trimmed up instead.

Lasering has been my favorite method. I started this in the past and it was great! I love the smoothness which is almost unimaginable, so different from shaved but it’s expensive to do once a month and it takes multiple visits for the hair to stay gone awhile. Two years after stopping, most of the hair seems to be growning back.

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Clippers. Straight up.

Oh, and a straight razor on my danglers. It’s scary work, but the results are pleasing.

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