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How philosophical do you get about daily, mundane trivial issues?

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 25th, 2012

Of course, what is mundane and trivial to one – isn’t to another. But then, I’m getting a little philosophical here. Get it?

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I can wax philosophic (or poetic) at the drop of a hat. Daily, mundane, and trivial are always as big as they are small. Every choice is always as grand as it is insignificant. My thoughts, at one and the same time, are both critical and meaningless. In other words, every ying has its own opposite and equal yang. I could go on, but I couldn’t, really. I should, but I shouldn’t. I did, and yet I didn’t.

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I am a natural born philosopher, so – everything.

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One might say there are no mundane trivial issues. One needs always to be present.

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Holy cow, there’s only the NOW.

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Doing some of the mundane things in my life brings me happiness, and I guess I am somewhat philosophical about those things. Like preparing my husband’s lunch every day. I am aware of how he appreciates it, and that it connects us, he sees it as nurturing I think. There are other mundane things that are similar. At the same time if I had a professional cook or maid or people hired to do many of the mundane things I do, it would not feel like a loss at all. I think maybe being philosophical about the mundane helps us cope with our lives and the tasks we must do. We look for satisfaction and reasons to be alive.

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Well, it depends on the ying and the yang and if the glass is half full or half empty. And then there’s the time space intersection. Did you know Cornell scientist altered time? What does that leave? I guess not.

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I have been thinking about this for a while, now. And I don’t think that I do it.

ETA: Or, maybe I do it so much that it is second nature, and I don’t even recognize it. (Did I just do it?)

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I’m a hopeless ponderer.

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I wax philosophical when the mundane and the trivial are going wrong.

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Accuracy is, in every case, advantageous to beauty, and just reasoning to delicate sentiment. In vain would we exalt the one by depreciating the other.

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My answer to another question, Ever look at a platypus and wonder why.

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Well, if by “getting philosophical” you mean being moved to wonder by “ordinary” experience, then yes, absolutely. “Philosophical” seems like an awkward word to describe that condition of wonder, though. Philosophy smacks of ideas, speculation and interpretation, and the wonder is devoid of any of that. One doesn’t have to philosophize to drink in the imponderable mystery of all this; in fact, the philosophizing gets in the way.

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It’s usually when I’m out running errands with everyone else that I feel insignificant. We’re just running around to do things, half of which don’t really matter, but we were told we need these things by people that need money and such. I guess it’s a good system, though. How else would we sustain our economy. Let’s just work for no discernible reason other than consuming resources, then die. Sounds like a plan :)

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Only the bravest of crow comes within a full parking space to retrieve the french fries I toss out the window at them. This one, the brave one comes closer than all the others. He gets the fries no other bird dare consider. Is he really the bravest crow? Or is he the stupid one who entertains the others with foolish deeds? I toss another fry for answers.

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I often find things to be amazingly huge that others see as, “Huh??” I see depth where many others don’t and really get into the cause-effect of moments. I get excited about things that others don’t, so yes, I do get very philosophical about what others consider trivial. I also get emotional about things that others don’t value. Oh well!

I think that makes me, and others like me, both incredibly boring and incredibly interesting.

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Meta is my life.

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A lot. That’s why most of my friends deem me as crazy.

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“Philosophy begins in wonder.”
—Socrates, Theaetetus

It’s my job to get philosophical, but I chose to pursue that job because I couldn’t help but do it anyway.

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I don’t think. I have a philosophical bone in my body.

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@wundayatta Punctuation that gives pause.

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@6rant6 You got it, bro!

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It comes and goes.

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