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Where can I get a good deal on health science text books?

Asked by sevenfourteen (2422points) January 25th, 2012

I probably should have asked this question a long time ago but….

I’m in grad school for occupational therapy and books are quite expensive (as expected). In undergrad I generally tried to get away with not having the books or holding off to buy them but the same books keep coming back to haunt me! Now that I’m in grad school and now that my classes keep requiring the same books I would like to actually buy them however I cringe at paying anything over $65—$85 for a book (I’m the student who throughout college has had to buy books paycheck to paycheck)

Does anyone of any websites or tips to buy books (more specifically therapy or health science books) or have any books for cheaper. I do know that any college, health science, and/or significantly important book is going to be pricey but I’m trying all my options. I generally have used bigwords to compare books and I’m not interested in renting books. I have talked to my professors about possibly getting a less recent edition or even the international edition however certain professors aren’t too pleased with that so it would be a sticky situation.

Thank you so much!!

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Try Ebay and Amazon and the like for used books. Getting an older edition ought to be fine as long as the info is current and you can work with it. I don’t see any other reason why it should matter to the profs.
You might also talk to students that are further along in the program, and ask to buy or borrow their old books.

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If you don’t mind renting them, then I recommend Chegg

If you do a search on the Net, there are a few sites that rent books, sell used, etc.
Have you checked out’s textbook selection?

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I always check Amazon first (to get the ISBN # and whatnot) but it’s quite pricey but ebay might be a good idea, I haven’t thought of that. and @Nullo I agree, I want just get an earlier edition but my professors don’t seem to understand college on a budget

As far as renting or borrowing I really need the books. In the past I’ve borrowed books but I’m going to continue needing these books so I don’t want to rent and the previous years keep theirs for the same reason as I need to buy these.

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If you give me a book title, I will try to search out the best price. My guess is if these titles are in high demand for med students, then Half or a similar site is where you’ll get the best prices.

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Not only do I have the titles but I’ve got a nice table of all their ISBN #‘s, how much they are on amazon (just for reference) and whether or not I already have them. A little neurotic and definitely overkill however the most important thing I’ve learned in grad school is that if you don’t schedule and organize down to showering and remembering to eat you will lose all control and suffer spontaneous combustion

I don’t know how to send a document via fluther but here it goes…

And PLEASE don’t feel that you need to do the work for me unless you have nothing else to do, in which case it would be unbelievably appreciated Either way I will get around to it, it’s about #39 on my to do list

1. Coppard, B.M. & Lohman H. G. (2007). Introduction to splinting: A critical-reasoning and problem-solving approach (3rd Ed). St. Louis: Mosby. 0323033849 $62.93

2. Trombly, C. & Radomski, M.V. (Eds.)(2007). Occupational therapy for physical dysfunction (6th Ed). Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 0781763126 $68.29

3. Ciccone, C.D. (2007). Pharmacology in rehabilitation (4th ed.). Philadelphia: FA Davis. 0803613776 $59.17

4. Sadock, B.J., & Sadock, V.A. (2003). Kaplan & Sadock’s Synopsis of psychiatry (9th ed.). Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 078177327X $82.99

5. Smith-Gabai, H. (2011). Occupational therapy in acute care. Bethesda, MD: AOTA Press. 1569002711 $126.00

6. Kielhofner, G. (Ed.) (2006). Research in occupational therapy: Methods of inquiry for enhancing practice. Philadelphia: FA Davis. 0803615256 $56.99

7. American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: Author. 1433805618 $21.34 -

8. DiZazzo-Miller, R. & Pellerita, J. (2011). Preparing for the Occupational Therapy National Board Exam: 45 Days and Counting. Jones and Bartlett. 0763757683 $47.10

9. Johnson, C., Lorch, A. & DeAngelis, T. (2006). The Occupational Therapy Examination Review Guide, 3nd Edition. F.A. Davis, Philadelphia, PA. 0803614810 $42.49

10. Schell, B.A., & Schell, J.W. (2008). Clinical and Professional Reasoning in Occupational Therapy. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins: Baltimore, MD. 0781759145 $52.43

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I looked at a few options for you @sevenfourteen.

From what I can tell, AbeBooks is the least expensive for buying the titles in used book form.

I ran across this search engine and it includes current sales and coupon codes for each store. It lists current prices to rent or buy (or even ebook buy) each book.
(EX: Abe’s has a $10 off $120 purchase)
It’s simple to use, especially since you were so fastidous in writing down all of the pertinent info.

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Thank you! This info will def be of good use :)

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