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A good pro camera?

Asked by Luiveton (4162points) January 25th, 2012

I prefer Nikon DSLRs but I’m open to suggestions about other SLRS, the thing is there are so many cameras out there it’s actually hard to choose, regardless of whether you read the specs or not. I’ve been struggling for a while, I’d like an affordable camera, that’s… well a bit professional, but not too much, if you catch my drift.

I’m also thinking about buying cameras like the Diana for lomography, and old Nikons with films, but at the same time I still plan on having a ‘real’ camera if you know what I mean, one that I can take better quality pictures as well.
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Just another question, which should I buy first, lomography sets or pro camera?

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Shooting Lomo, or Polaroid, or any film based medium, one must consider the pathway to publication. Be it print, web, catalogue, art display… that’s all accomplished with computers, and so you’ll need a scanner solution to accommodate final output requirements.

For these types of “looks”, a plethora of iPhone/Android apps have been created to duplicate such nostalgic motifs as Lomo, Polaroid, Cross Processing. It can all be accomplished on a phone with just about the same quality. Beyond that, Photoshop filters can duplicate those looks from any higher resolution digital file.

The reason to pursue legacy photo art forms is to get the tactile experience of doing so. But the look can be accomplished by other more modern means.

As to Pro DSLR, I’ve used practically everything imaginable for the past thirty years of full time professional photography. For numerous reasons, my heart belongs to the a900 because of the Maxxum DNA it carries. Other considerations include the a77 and for the more curious among us, the NEX-7.

Find out more at DYXUM, a community of Alpha based shooters that look at things a bit differently than our CaNiko friends.

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