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How to kill an already cut-down tree?

Asked by susanc (16122points) May 21st, 2008

I had to cut down a small volunteer Lombardy poplar but it’s
re-growing. They’re famous for persistence. Poison?
Burning? What’s safe and effective?

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If you can get it down to a stump, there is some stuff at most hardware stores called “Stump Eater” that will get rid of the rest. It’s a kind of granule that pretty much dissolves tree stumps.

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easy, get rid of the stump. You can use that stump eater or you can get somebody to pull it out.

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What did it volunteer for?

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I’d like to know too. I’m not signing up for that, whatever it is…

I have a few ‘half trees’ and stumps in my garden too, I’ve just trimmed off all branches, ivy and weed and covered (very liberally) with weedkiller. I kinda like the way they look and they make for nice features for sticking solar lights or outdoor candles in.

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If you chop it down and it keeps rising, I recommend removing the head or destroying the brain… maybe a stake to the heart?

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ha ha to everyone.

It volunteered to be there in the first place. I didn’t plant it. It grew out of a root that
grew close enough to the surface to be cut by the lawnmower. Out of the cut came a
new tree. Brilliant. Inconvenient though.

I thank you wine for the Stump Eater solution, I had no idea. I can’t wait. I love
killing. I’m gonna find the brain, and put that Stump Eater right on it.

Do you think the Stump Eater will leach out of the roots and flow into the bay next to the garden?

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