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Is my printer stuck with dry ink 'til 'the end'?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) January 25th, 2012

I’ve just retrieved my printer after a long period of it being unused.
I have reason to suspect that the ink cartridges are useless now (unless there’s some ink revival technique my ignorance in the matter doesn’t conceive). I’ve just managed to replace the black cartridge only, because it appeared as empty. The problem is that I bought the replacements for the remaining colours, but I can’t manage to substitute the older one because the cartridge shift doesn’t stop in the gap any more.
And its not printing!!!
How to?

- Epson Stylus SX110

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I had the same problem. In the end I ditched the printer and bought a used one on Craigslist. Cost me 10 bucks, works great, scans too!

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Printers are basically a scam to sell you ink cartridges, IMO. If your printer goes bad, there’s very little to be done in the way of repair.

I’m with @Hain_roo. When our printers have bit it, we just get a new one, or a newer used one.
My husband is an IT guy…he rarely even tries to fix printers beyond minor repairs

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I find it cheaper to buy a new printer rather than new ink cartridges.

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If you can remove the whole print head you can put the whole thing in warm soapy water. You can get it all separated and cleaned. Let it dry a couple of days before you put it back in the printer. Put in new ink cartridges and with some luck, you’re printing again. I’ve done this several times with success. Then I had one unsuccessful attempt and the printer went to printer heaven. I will never buy another inkjet printer. Lasers rule!!

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I wouldn’t put a print head in soapy water. I put mine in a 90% solution of alcohol and soak it.

But in the OP question: I’d just buy another printer. The whole printing business is a BIG scam.

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@tranquilsea I’ve done it quite a few times with complete success. The soapy water would be better at cleaning ink than alcohol (it seems to me).

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@MollyMcGuire @tranquilsea @mrentropy @SpatzieLover @Hain_roo Thank you all, guys. I agree with the conclusion that it’s a scam.
As many things in our beloved, cosy modern system.

I managed to “solve” the problem by forcing the cartridge holder to stop at startup; it gave the ‘no ink’ + ‘no paper’ signal, I did what I wanted, pressed the stop button, turned it off and on again. Now it works perfectly (relatively). Just did a bit of lens cleaning a so forth.
Sometimes good ol’ logic, chance and daringness with a touch of human brutality may solve the most elaborate complication with exaggeratedly over refined systems and mechanisms.
Sick of how nearly everything is made to discourage us from using our own brain power and courage to attempt.

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