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When we are faced with tragedy, some of us 'suddenly' see the relativity of life, and then (we/some) announce that from now on we will embrace the small things in life. Have you embraced such a thing today?

Asked by rebbel (24812points) January 25th, 2012

Do you recognize this?
If so, did you persist in this behavior and are you still purposely you ‘promised’ yourself, remember? enjoying the little things in life, daily/every now and then?
‘Famous’ small embraceable things: A baby smiling, a blooming flower, an unexpected courteous act, etc.

I was working in a school today, and was suddenly touched by the joy the kids were expressing, chasing each other and playing tag!

So, have you embraced such a thing today?

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Today I did not have such a moment, but I often do.

A bird landing on the tree outside the window where I work.

Children sledding down a hill I can see out my window on only an inch or so of snow.

My dog doing something cute.

Life is made up of these moments.

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I should do it a lot more. I do counsel myself to be more in touch with the ‘present’ and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Today so far, it is only 10 am, I haven’t yet. I will make a point of going and sitting in my garden later though and enjoying listening to the birds.

I did lie in bed the other night and listen to the rain hitting my roof. I love that sound. I also love the smell after the rain has gone. It was about 3am and the noise was lovely.

Good reminder @rebbel. Nice imagery with the children too. We should all try to get in touch with that little person inside us more often too and just play.

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Nice Q, @rebbel , I had such a moment today (it’s a good day that has those moments). I was having lunch out and a very young couple with a baby, I’m guessing about 7 months old sat in the booth next to me. The baby girl thought I was fascinating you know, like you all do :P and we chatted for a few minutes while her mom and dad got a chance to eat their lunch. She gave me her sticky plastic keys, I think we’re engaged now….

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I didn’t embrace such a moment today but it is something I do quite a bit. It’s the small things that bring me back down to earth. It could be anything from a friendly cashier reminding me that we’re all connected, in turn reminding me how interesting this journey we’re all on is, to watching kids playing to and seeing the absolute freedom in that.
This question is fantastic @rebbel

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Everyday – Once, long ago, I made a pledge to myself to be happy every single day for the rest of my life, and so far it works.

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My daughters boss is just awful to her. He shouts at her, questions her then interrupts any answer she gives. He belittles her. Today, he scolded her for not catching someone elses mistake (this person wasn’t even in her department), and sent her home for the day when she stuck up for herself. She cowarded home.
While home, she gave her ex-boyfriend a ride to the DMV. On the way there, someone trying to kill her ex-bf drove by, and shot 6 rounds into her car. 2 in the passenger door, 2 in the windshield, 1 through the passenger window (which then went through her drivers seat and out the rear drivers side window), and one straight up the hood of her car. Neither one of them were hurt, but they were both in shock afterwards.
Now, she is considering going to work and telling her boss off, showing him her bullet riddled car, and saying flatly that she has other things to care about than his shit.

Ya, I’m trying to calm her down.

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I generally do, because if I forget, I start to feel miserable after a while. Truly miserable.
I know, since often I still forget for a little while.

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One of my best students, ever, was killed in a car accident on Jan. 3. That kind of moment makes me want to cherish every minute that I have with others and ‘suck the marrow out of life’ as much as I can, hug my kids every minute, enjoy every sunrise and sunset, laugh harder, love harder, and all that. That kind of moment has sort of a ripple effect, though—the further away from the ‘splash,’ the less obvious the ripple. After a while, you can’t feel the effect anymore.

The everyday realities sometimes get in the way and I think life has a way of dropping moments like that throughout our days to remind us of the things that matter. We just have to pay attention and appreciate them when they come.

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