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Soul Purpose - Do You Know Why You Are Here?

Asked by EverRose11 (1026points) January 25th, 2012

I have asked friends and a few family members this question, many said they knew what their soul purpose was. I never pushed and asked what it was , I thought that was too personal, but I felt jealous for in all I have done here I feel I still do not know what my soul purpose for being here is, or if I seriously have one. So Putting this question out there for you. Do You Know yours?

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First atheist president. :D

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I have neither a soul purpose nor a sole purpose. I have my own purpose.

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SavoirFaire So your here to cater to just your wants and desires ect ect ect ? What exactly does your answer really mean ?

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No, that is not at all what I mean. What I am saying is that purpose was not imposed upon my life from the outside (e.g., by God, the universe, or whatever). Nor do I only have one single purpose. I do not believe that meaning or purpose is given to us; it is something we must create for ourselves. We choose the purpose of our lives.

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Why am I here? Because a long time ago a meteor crashed into earth carrying some single celled organism that later turned out to be me. So, essentially “no”, I don’t know. I don’t really care. I’m here which is what matters and I’m glad I am.

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SavoirFaire Gottcha !

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I don’t believe anyone as a purpose, not me, not you, not anyone. I believe individuals have this tendency to make up a purpose/purposes for themselves, attempting to justify an existence that is without meaning and purpose. Why am I here? (Aside from what deni said, my parents getting the hots on, AND one lucky sperm) Because I choose to. Well I’ve chosen not to but every single damn time I do I still remain, thus is luck and chance.

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@King_Pariah I don’t see how making up a purpose for oneself is an attempt to justify existence, at least not necessarily so. I agree that life is without meaning and purpose, but I’ve also created a purpose for myself. The two are not contradictory.

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To crush my enemies, to see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

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The idiom is “sole purpose” and means a unique or singular reason.

Biologically, my sole purpose here is to propagate the species.

However, that said, “soul purpose” has a nice ring. You have to define it now that you have invented it.

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@gailcalled I believe our deepest heart knows what our soul purpose is. It is connected with the you that you wish to be. I believe it is embedded in the place of joy within us all. So yes my question is based on my belief system I have always felt that no matter what our outer lives may look like, all purposes of the soul are deeply spiritual in nature. I truly feel soul purpose is also invariably connected with the soul purposes of others. For no one lives alone. There must be more than being born, getting education so you can earn the best wages possible, than go and be a part of the consumer world, age than die . I look around and I want to scream some days. There must be more purpose toour being here than chasing the almighty dollar. That is what I mean by Soul Purpose.

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I believe “purpose” is ever changing, there is no ONE purpose that lasts a lifetime.
The “reasons & seasons” mantra.
Infact, in my observations many people have a really hard time letting go of their old purposes. The empty nester that can’t quit meddling in their adult kids lives, people that cling to outgrown jobs, relationships, geographic locations, etc. etc.

Outter purpose is ever changing and our only inner purpose is to never stop learning and growing, whatever that means to you.

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Why does there have to be a purpose? We’re here (or at least we think we are here) so we all do the best we can with what we have (family, wealth or lack thereof, culture we were born into, knowledge, skill levels, mental abilities etc.) and we just live, whatever that means.

Some people believe in a god or believe in spirituality, others do not, but most of us, whichever camp we fall into, still plod on with living. And simply because we don’t live on another planet or in the ether or in heaven, we live according to our earthly means. Mostly this means that we rely heavily on what our parents and ancestors have always done (although, as technological progress happens, things change or get easier or become more complex and we have more options) but mostly we try to stay alive, feel good, make sure we have enough to eat, a place to sleep away from the elements and most people either want or simply fall into the path of parenthood.

That doesn’t mean that we have a soul/sole purpose. It just means that we are humans (or at least we think we are, because there is always the possibility that none of this or us exist at all) and so we do what humans have always done (mostly because we don’t know what else to do).

That doesn’t mean that our lives are not meaningful or profound or that we cannot choose a purpose, or that a purpose won’t present itself to us as being important. We may find extreme meaning in things that we do (like parenting or being an artist or a writer or an architect) but those things were not handed out to us by a god or the universe or even the pink unicorn. We all have different desires, talents and propensities. When we are lucky enough to find activities that mesh with those desires, talents and propensities, we might say that we, “Have found our purpose.” or we might just say, “Wow, I got lucky.”

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I don’t believe in souls, or purposes that aren’t determined by whatever reason nature needs to have us around. That said, I pretty much exist just to pay for shit.

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