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What do these phrases mean to you, "God's gift to women" or "God's gift to men"?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27051points) January 25th, 2012

“Who does he think he is, God’s gift to women?” I have heard that statement before and assumed it was something sexual in nature. Am I correct or not?

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I have heard that more often than not from men whenever a stunning women walked ps them st ;-/ ... LOL and same goes for women when a Hot guy would pass. Guess they are looing at the packaging .

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It is mostly assumed as sexual I think. Meaning someone who is just very very attractive :P

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It means the person is a good-looking, arrogant prick/ bitch person.

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I think it isn’t just sexual. It is more about the attitude that they seem to think we are totally blessed and incredibly fortunate to be able to spend even 35 nanoseconds in their presence. I suspect we attribute that attitude to beautiful people a little more often than it is warranted. Perhaps a bit of jealousy, do you think?

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To me it means the person is gorgeous.

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Its usually referring to someone who has a huge ego when dealing with the opposite sex.

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I’ve always taken it to mean that the person in question is gorgeous and/or rich but knows it, and flaunts it – to the point of arrogance. It’s a sarcastic insult meant to point out that the person could be a bit more humble given their exceptional good looks and/or good fortune.

Another (more crass) way I’ve heard it said is that “He/She thinks their shit is ice cream”.

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God’s gift to women is men!
God’s gift to men is women!

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I think it means God needs to consult my registry before he shops for me.

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It isn’t a compliment. It means the person is full of their own self-importance and worth. They are a narcissist.

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^ Agreed. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Me too, ^^^ they are a narcissist. I don’t think it is a compliment or necessarily has anything to do with good looks.

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I agree also with narcississt comment. I don’t know why that slipped my mind.

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I’ve never heard it used non-sarcastically. It’s usually the end of the sentence that starts with “He thinks that he’s…”

That says a lot.

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It’s usually used in the context, “He/she thinks they’re God’s gift to women/men.” In that context it’s about narcissism, obviously.

But sometimes when I see a pretty woman, it feels like a gift from somewhere.

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It means they think that person is an egomaniac. It’s not a compliment.

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When I’ve heard the phrase “God’s gift to women”, it’s been a negative connotation that suggests the man it is applied to is arrogant, full of himself and thinks he’s a lady’s man. When I’ve heard the phrase “God’s gift to men”, it’s been a negative connotation that suggests that women are only created to serve men, should be barefoot, in the kitchen, model-built eye-candy, pregnant or ready in the bedroom.

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