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How do I gauge my ears to a 00g using a size 0g taper?

Asked by aniihCxx (40points) January 25th, 2012

I really don’t want to spend more money on another stupid taper just to stretch my lobes to the next size up.
I heard I can use tape.. but how much tape do I use?

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Take your tape and roll it up – convert size og to cm- then make your roll to that

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Well, how long have you had your current plugs in? When I was stretching my ears, I waited awhile and took hot showers and massaged my lobes to loosen them up to get to the next size. If you want to use tape, however, just put one layer and keep putting them on until you’re ready. Remember to put fresh tape!

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I’m with @Marchofthefox. Don’t tape your tapers. Do it on your plugs. I used tape with my stretches starting around 6g and the nice thing about taping is you can stretch more gently since you don’t need to go up a whole size. Don’t stretch before your ears are ready and get yourself some stretch-friendly tape. Generally bondage tape is recommended. I used aluminum tape from the hardware store.

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:) I’ve had mine in for about a month. But I keep wanting to go bigger?!
And is it best to use organic plugs?

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A month is enough of a rest time at the smaller sizes, but you ought to hang at 0g for about four months. I know it’s hard to wait, but trust me, it will take twice as long if you jump the gun and have to let injured ears heal.

I love organic plugs, but you shouldn’t use them for stretching. They’re porous and are more likely retain bacteria, which is obviously not great when you’ve got freshly stretched lobes. Same goes for silicone.

I recommend visiting BAF’s forum. They’ve pretty much established the ultimate stretching guide and there are a lot of friendly and knowledgeable people. And it’s nice to oogle people’s collections too.

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