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Which looks better for shirts. Printed or embroidered?

Asked by mitchbonevac (4points) January 26th, 2012

I would like to know which people prefer most. Whether printed tees or embroidered.

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I think embroidered looks classier.

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It depends on the occasion and the place. Embroidered is definitely higher fashion, but if you are going to sweep the floor, a printed tshirt is just fine.

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Embroidered looks more qualitative, but if you want, say your dog, on a t-shirt you would have to go for printed ;)

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I always choose embroidered for sweatshirts, but I can’t say that I have ever seen an embroidered t-shirt. All of mine are printed.

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Hollister or other brands always have their brand or logo embroidered..

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It depends on the size and nature of the graphic.

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I like both seems to matter in what look your going for at any particular time and or event you wearing that articular shirt,

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Printing on a t-shirt, embroidered on a polo shirt. The polo shirt can cope better with the weight of the embroidery, and the weave of a polo shirt is less suited to printing.

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Embroidery looks nicer, but printed is more comfortable. A lot of embroidery is scratchy on the inside.

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