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Is it legal to download software from a 3rd party site if you intend to register and activate it using a legally purchased serial number?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21650points) January 26th, 2012

Recently I lost some software CDs, but I still have the serial numbers. These serial numbers are registered to my name from when I purchased the software legally.

Would it be legal to download the unregistered and deactivated software from a 3rd party site and then proceed to install, register and activate it on my personal computer, with my personal and legal serial numbers, for my personal use?

Why / why not?


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It would be legal, because you purchase the license not the disk itself.

Downloading the software in itself is not a crime, using it without a legally purchased license is.

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Correct. The software itself is free; you pay for the right to use it legally.

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Do you need a CD? Some companiies have a library of software on-line, just use your serial number.

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I would download it from the actual site itself. They are really cracking down on this type of stuff and you can have a $500,000 fine and do up to 5 years in jail.

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@samantha360 Nope. He owns the license.

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