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What should I do to make my hair less thick?

Asked by cRazelyCrazed (110points) January 26th, 2012

Since I was little I’ve had really thick wavy hair. My hair isn’t dry or damaged but when it isn’t cared for it gets really out of hand. I was wondering if there are any special hair products or straighteners I could use to make my hair look normal and straight. I also have layers that haven’t been cut since September so that makes it even worse. Any ideas?

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A good layered haircut and good conditioners will be your best friends. Work with your assets; don’t fight them.

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I agree with @janbb. One, you need to regularly have your hair cut. Two, it would be wise to find a hairstylist that is trained in thick, wavy hair. If you get good layering with a bit of texturizing, and use high quality products, you should have very little issue with taming your hair.

Another thing I’d personally recommend is to not try to get the latest “trend” cut. Instead, find a style that best suits your hair texture and your face and keep that style up.

In other words: Own your own look.

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Thanks all of your tips helped @janbb, and @SpatzieLover. Oh and I thought I put it in general I don’t know why its Meta. Do you know how to change it to General?

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Just wait a while. Getting old thins even the most magnificent mop top.

Wear styles that use clips, barrettes, or scrunchies and consider yourself really lucky.

Normal does not ever equate with straight in the hair universe.

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Sigh. We always want what we haven’t got. I would have killed for a thick head of wavy hair in my youth, but I have fine, thin hair like corn silk.

Rejoice in your hair. Work with your hairdresser to bring out is best. You can always have it thinned.

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Get married and have kids.

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I found this girl on YouTube, she seems to know a lot about hair. Maybe check her out?


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For those scratching their heads, the link I posted is the OP’s sister ;)

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@FutureMemory Scratching our heads or running our hands through our thick, wavy hair?

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