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Do you believe in the Red String of Fate theory?

Asked by IzzyAndHerBeans (353points) January 26th, 2012

There is this theory, hypothesized by the Chinese during the Tang Dynasty that states that there is an invisible red thread that strings us humans together, linking us to people on this planet we are meant to encounter. Those who have this invisible red string attached to their ankles are meant to marry, others will simply cross paths, affecting the other person’s life in a way they are unaware of. The string will stretch and tangle, but never break.

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No. And it is at best and with a lot of stretching a hypothesis, not a theory.

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Sounds bogus to me.

Believing in an invisible anything is hard to swallow.

Sounds like a feel-good metaphor.

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Someone old and wise once said to me that it sounded like I’d found my golden thread when I was telling them about having met a special person… sadly even golden threads can be broken. I imagine red string can break too.

Life doesn’t stop though, and there are more threads… I like this feel-good metaphor, but then most feel-good metaphors can be manipulated to apply to our lives to make us feel better about things can’t they?! :-)

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I believe that all human beings are connected to each other and to everything else on the planet, but not via your red thread.

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In physics there’s the principle of quantum entanglement which states that every particle of matter in the universe is directly connected to every other particle of matter in the universe. So maybe the Tang Dynasty was ahead of its time…

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A theory has to be supported by some evidence. Just don’t see that many red strings out there. I think Sinead O’Connor might have used them to lace her Doc Martens back in the day. But that’s about it.

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I do not believe in it and if it did exist I would do anything I could to get away from it to avoid a fate like this

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Well a red string is preferable to a black thread. That’s what I called my ex husband that took 5 years to sign the divorce papers. Yep, it was stretched and tangled alright. lol

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The red thread is only a metaphor, isn’t it? I mean, if it’s invisible, who decided it was red?

It’s just a mental visual aid to define those sometimes unexplained feelings of kinship, recognition, destiny when you encounter a stranger who feels instantly known to you.

I’ve known people who are very cynical about any sort of faith who will themselves use words like “meant to be”, serendipity, kindred spirit or soul mate even though they don’t subscribe to any particular belief in fate.

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I do believe that some people are magnets and others are steele.

Maybe, this is why one person is “drawn” to another.

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