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Has anyone tried Seredyn? Does it really work for anxiety?

Asked by skateangel (321points) January 26th, 2012

I took one after I got it, and after some suffering with the bad taste, I was dissapointed that it didn’t have any effect on me. It says that it’s supposed to work after about 15 minutes but I’ve been wondering if it would work after taking it more. Does anyone know? Has anyone tried it? thanks

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I have not tired Seredyn, but I use Calms Forte, which contains some of the same ingredients plus some others. It works very well for calming my anxiety. (Ignore the sleep thing; it relaxes you so you can sleep, but it does not cause drowsiness.)

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Self knowledge works best for ”..anxiety..”.
Do some research on how to drive yourself (Car analogy).
Drugs merely cut the cable to the fire alarm – without putting out the fire.

Look into Huna. It could well help. (My recommendation to you.)

Many other effective forms of self learning also exist.

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@lloydbird Yeah, I agree, I don’t want to have to rely on pills just to feel normal.
but I’ve had this anxiety all my life and don’t know how to fix it:/ Maybe it’s something
wrong with my head..

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@skateangel Please refer to my previous response.

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Well, I have had anxiety since the year 2000. Don’t know why? It just started and continually got worse until I was having panic attacks. This cause depression to set in cause I felt so alone and without any idea how to handle these unwanted feelings. I am now on a medication called Pristiq. It is wonderful for anxiety and I take it at night and it helps with sleep some but you don’t feel groggy in the morning. If that is not enough to control the anxiety attacks your doctor may add a prescription called klonpin. I have never heard of Seredyn but I will look it up. Thanks for sharing.

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