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Ladies: What kind of hair style do you prefer on guys? Buzz/Long/Gelled/etc..?

Asked by Esedess (3310points) January 26th, 2012

Self explanatory.

If you wanna throw facial hair in there separately as well, be my guest.

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COME ON LADIES, ANSWER HER! I’m not really looking for a new woman, mine is just great but I would like to see the answers. Maybe I’ll let my hair grow long to surprise my wife.

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I like hair I can run my fingers through. Not too short so I can get a grip on it. Nothing sticky or stiff. Clean and soft. Hmmm… yeah.

Facial hair is ok but no scratchy stubble.

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Depends on the guy but in any case I am not into a gel’d mess…. You have to able to care for it if you have long hair because a big mop of hair looks good on no one male or female if its not kept nice and well groomed.

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Buzz, like this and this. But some guys don’t look good with that type of cut. But that’s the cut I normally like. I don’t like gelled hair either, and forget it if it’s too long, I don’t like that.

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Oooh, I fall for curly haired guys instantly. That slightly wild, carefree look.
It looks fun, and the guy won’t mind if I play with it, as I love doing so.
As to facial hair, I wouldn’t mind some stubble.

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Yeaaaa… I’m a guy. LOL!

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Buzzzzzzzzzzzz or short cropped. Facial hair – None.

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Obviously it’s the personality not the hair that matters, but I do really like long hair on a guy and by long, I mean below the shoulder. It can just be so stunningly hot sometimes. In terms of beards, I don’t really mind as long as it’s kept reasonably short.

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@Esedess sorry, I should have read your profile before opening my big mouth.

Good question though.

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@Ron_C His profile doesn’t state his sex—(from what I’ve read), so watcha talkin’ ‘bout?—

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@Ron_C No worries. I just thought it was funny.

@Keep_on_running Fair enough… I’ll add a/s/l to my profile.

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@Esedess Oh, no, it’s okay you don’t have to do that. Sometimes it’s better not to (well, I think) so people can judge you on who you are first not your sex and your age. :)

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Clean shaven face.
Shorter hair. Just enough gel to keep in place but not to where you can see to the scalp through comb lines. If a man’s hair is naturally wavy or curly, I like to see it just long enough on the top to have texture or need the gel/wax.

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I love long hair on a guy – not too long mind. Swoon.

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I love a man with a lot of hair and long. On his face and on his head. The wilder the better. It’s just something so primitve and natural about it. Sexually it’s a turn on for me and it also makes me think that he has much more on his mind then looking neat and doesn’t care about fitting in.

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I like a man with long hair & I like a man who wears a beard or goatee.

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I LOVE love love slicked back hair… the kind Leonardo DiCaprio has, the kind that Robert DeNiro had in the God father… but I AM partial to the classic, vintage, old hollywood look anyway.

Any man with slicked back long hair looks more dashing and dapper to me.

Examples :

I can’t think of a hair style for me that is just as attractive to me as these are ::: It makes a man look like a gentleman, depending on how he wears it ::::



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It’s classic and always has been in style, it will never grow “out” or get old.

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My boyfriends hair looks something like this. I think it’s really attractive. Most of you will probably beg to differ though.

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Not really into very long hair (I don’t think) but it really depends on the guy and what suits them. I can think of some guys with long hair that I think look fabulous. I can equally think of men with buzz cuts that look good and they feel lovely when you stroke them. I like to stroke and play with my husband’s hair and it isn’t a short back and sides or anything but it isn’t long either.

Hmmm not very helpful reading over my post. I don’t really care though as long as the guy is happy with his hair and it suits him. I have dated bald men who wore it well so it didn’t bother me.

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@AshLeigh Doesn’t matter what others think of his hair – he’s getting chicks with that ‘doo!

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@AshLeigh I quite like that look.

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I have a weakness for guys with long hair~

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