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Where does the 'cooking is for women' idea come from?

Asked by MilkyWay (13723points) January 26th, 2012

Most of the world’s top chefs are men. Fact. So from where and when did the idea come from that only women can cook? I know tonnes of women who can’t. And is a guy that can cook well, seen as ‘unmanly’?

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All the way back to the hunter-gatherer days when men were out hunting food and women were gathering fruits and nuts and tending the fires.

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I don’t know, I’ve always been around men who cook. Unmanly? Hell no.

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When they started putting sports events on TV.

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I love when my husband cooks. I don’t find it unmanly at all. And when he serves it to me wearing a little apron I find it downright sexy!

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HAhahah funny first answer was what shot through my mind as I read the question and there numero uno answer says it all Yup it goes way way back… the men hunted the women prepared the food.

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Most of the famous professional cooks are men.

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ha! no

But, genetically speaking, women have more taste buds than men and thus are scientifically considered to be “better tasters”. I don’t think that’s the reason , but there’s definitely a correlation to cooking somewhere in that.

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Back in the stone age, men went out and hunted for the food, while the women tended to the children and cooked the food for everybody.

It is definitely not considered unmanly for men to cook. Just check out all of those dudes working the barbecue grills.

Probably in your average family, the cooking skills (and chores) have simply been handed down from Grandma, to Mom to the female children and at least up until the mid 60’s cooking was considered to be an essenstial task of women, who were usually homemakers, who didn’t work outside of the home and raised kids and did all of the housework. Some of those ideas are still held, not necessarily because people believe that only women can or should do those jobs, it’s just that they are taught those jobs that have been handed down by their own mothers and grandmothers. The boys are not always expected to learn how to cook, but the ones that show an interest are usually welcomed in the kitchen. Those boys grow up to become chefs.

Most of my male cousins, although none of them are professional chefs, are fabulous cooks, and so are all of the females.

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“Cooking is for women” surfaces anytime a man sees a way to get out of his responsibilities.

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I don’t know. I have never met a woman who could cook (or iron) better than me. Ever.

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It’s an insult, that’s all, just to piss off women, lol.

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What Heavymetalhippie87 said. lol
men know/feel they are inferior to women so they use that to anger them :D

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