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Has anybody utilized genetic (DNA) databases in a genealogical search to find an ancestor successfully?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) January 26th, 2012

Having failed to locate my father’s (biological) father through traditional genealogical methods (e.g. municipal records) he is considering an alternative, investigatory approach like genetic DNA testing. Can you recommend anything re: DNA testing, information, or other ideas?

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Yes soon after my Mother died in 2010 my sister asked my Eldest brother to do it. From we we received so much paper work dating back from like the stone age telling us our ancestors came from here and we were stone masons . Than we received no more total cost $500 dollars for the kit. Yes we felt ripped off.

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I have never tried it – afraid that it would be a scam, just like those web sites that offer your family crest. Also, I don’t see how they can take a random DNA sample and come up with a match unless they have someone to compare it to. I doubt they have dug up and tested that many cave men.

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Would it still be staying on topic if I asked you the circumstances of your father’s birth that he doesn’t know who is father is, @JonnyCeltics? Was he adopted and his records were sealed? I’m curious because I’ve searched many records and other resources for geneology purposes. I’m not sure about the DNA testing sites though. I’m somewhat leaning toward scam.

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