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What's the sticky on your monitor say?

Asked by 6rant6 (13697points) January 26th, 2012

If you can see one from where you are, what’s the sticky on your monitor (wall/refrigerator) say?

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I don’t have one. Stickies (to me) mean unfinished business. I eliminate them compulsively.

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There are two

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QA11 .P78 1957 – Library of Congress classification call number.

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Stickies are not allowed on the computer, or the refrigerator or the wall. Someone comes through and piles them all in the trash. If they are in the pile of papers near the desk, then the top one says Zbiguiew. I don’t know why.

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Blondes: Don’t use whiteout on the screen.

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Samsung EX2220.

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The sticky on my monitor suggests I should either aim it away when watching porn or invest in some wet wipes to clean the screen.

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“If no rain, water grapefruit Thursday.”

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Humphrey gets Groomed 11:30 A.M. Friday.

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It is the travel itinerary of some friends, It starts out Paris to Miami January 12.

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Assassinate american president 15:23:47, 16.04.2012

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I’ve got two in sight:

“most wonderfully excellent”


cat pan
cat dolly

That list of seemingly unrelated words is a shot list I forgot to throw away.

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it has my girlfriend’s old online dating screen name, which is the password for a work application I use about once a month, and in the wisdom of IT cannot be the same as my regular work password.

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I’ve a list of movies and books I intend to watch or read, eventually. They’re not a high priority, though, because I wouldn’t have just written them down otherwise.

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One has my daughters apartment address.
The other says “There is no cake”

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Order Direct TV. I do not want a grandson with a dog collar.

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They’re kinda poetic aren’t they? It reminds me of this:

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

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‘Follow your dreams’

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“Happy Giraffe Day”
“work ahead on weekends”

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It says…............

Buy Jif peanut butter…..large size

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On the fridge: A sleeping polar bear that says I’m NOT a morning person!

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Mine says ‘take laptop home on Wednesday’. That’s because I work from home on Thurs/Fri and usually use my own personal laptop but can’t load a research project I need on my home computer. So I have to lug my work laptop backwards and forwards.

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I don’t use stickies, but I have a little notebook filled with reminders on my desk. The top page currently reads:
College Board
Vet appt
Penningtons – Car
Walmart – Tree storage
Stop 7/1/12

Of those, only two are taken care of. I better get on it!

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There’s a pink sticky note on my computer that reads:

Friday 2pm
Meeting w/ Somigli
NF 233

I have a meeting this afternoon with a professor. His office is in the Northrop Frye building.

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This year has started off insightful so I have 3 truths I want to put to work daily: I was not the successful candidate for running the universe; perfectionism and procrastination are twins, mirth relaxes muscles. I am hoping for no more insights this year. :)

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@fundevogel That one has always stuck with me :)

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It says “welcome back to 1990, time traveler.”

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This is the non-sticky side

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