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Can you hear Jazz music? Is that the smell of Jazmine in the air?

Asked by Bellatrix (21307points) January 27th, 2012

Yes it is because one of our favourite, kindhearted, animal loving jellies just reached 10K of lurve.

Please join me in congratulating @Jazmina88 on her wonderful achievement.

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Congratulations, jazmina! You’re a terrific jelly. :D

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Hey – it happened sometime in my time zone for a change.

A hearty congratulations!!!

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Congratulations to you on your 10K Jazmina, you really are the sweetest of Jellies.

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I came to this site looking a lymph glands and could not leave.

I can vent here, ponder the wonders of the universe and gets lots of lurve.

We are all just jellies in this sea of fluther.
Thank you so much!!

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CONGRATS ON THE 10 BIG ONES! I dunno, I just feel like there’s something about the number “88” being part of a jelly’s name that seems to make that jelly more awesome. I dunno…just…a…feeling…I…have…hmmm. LOL!

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Guess what I saw this morning, in honor of you?!!
Are that Jellies, in the ocean, partying….?

Congratulations @jazmina88, and enjoy the partay!!!!

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Congratulations @jazmina88 !!!

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Congrats to you, good job!

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Way to go @jazmina88 :)


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10Kongratulations @jazmina88 Nice to have you here.

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Congratulations @Jazmina88!!
The other 87 Jazminas got nothing on you. Nothing!

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Congrats, @jazmina88 ! A love of the beasties is always a good thing…

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Congratulations @jazmina88!!!!

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Hey @jazmina88 Congrats on the 10k. I have a couple of lymph glands you can borrow. There all clear. I hope yours are too.

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Hey congrats @jazmina88 . Welcome to the mansion. Anyone that loves animals as much as you do must be good people.

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@jazmina88, hearty congrats to you and that ain’t no jazz!

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Congo Bongo Rats! Welcome to the Big House!

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Congratulations, @jazmina88!

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ConJAZZYlations! Welcome to the 10K Mansion!

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Happy 10k Jazmina! :-)

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Hip hip horay! happy 10k!

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So happy to have you around @jazmina88 ! Congrats on this milestone achievement. :)

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Congratumacationitorismicalation @jazmina88 !!

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Very best wishes on hitting the 10K mark! Enjoy.

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Congratulations, @jazmina88! Welcome to the mansion.

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Jazmina, congratulations!

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FĂ©licitations, @jazmina88! Welcome to the mansion!

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Congratulations @jazmina88! A true kindred spirit! (I too have education qualifications in music and now refuse to teach classroom stuff after discovering the kids are meaner than I am!)

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Congrats @jazmina88! Thanks for being such an awesome member of the collective! :-)

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Heeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeee’sssssssss Jazmina!!!!!!! May you spend days of fun in the Mansion.

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Congrats on the 10K Jazz!!

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Thanks for the celebration and the keys to the mansion, my jellies!
and a Balloon release from the rebbel :)

Let’s turn on the tunes and dance!!!

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@jazmina88 , I find it kind of hard to dance to jazz.

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It doesnt have to be a jazz day…..Disco Party, anyone????

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I’ll bring the disco ball left over from the 80’s! Congratulations @jazmina88!

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Congrats @jazmina88 mon petit chéri! Enjoy the shindig!

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Congrats Jazzmina88!!! Like clarinet at all Jazz Me Na??

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I play clarinet! Thanks my love.

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Your very welcome!!! I love clarinet.

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oops! sorry I misspelled your name! once on purpose, once by accident!

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Welcome to the Mansion! Good Work!

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Very late, but still Congrats!

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