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Who would win? (See details)

Asked by jerv (31056points) January 27th, 2012

We’re having an argument at work, and I would like some opinions on this one.

If Wolverine and Batman fought, who would win? Both are great fighters; highly trained, peak physical condition, etcetera, so it would come down to claws versus gadgets. Which do you think would win?

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If Batman has any time to prepare, he wins. If Wolverine surprise attacks, though, then I think the odds shift significantly in his favor.

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Wolverine has a mutant healing factor that allows him to heal in minutes from cuts and gun shot wounds. Larger injuries take longer to recover from.

While he’s over 100 years old, fought in many wars, and has been trained as a samurai, ninja, spy, and assassin… Batman could win.

If he plans ahead, he could incinerate or blow-up Wolverine. It wouldn’t kill him, but it would knock him out long enough that Bats could then toss his body into molten metal, acid, or drop a nuke in him.

Now, if it’s an unexpected encounter… Batman is screwed.

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Batman beat Superman on multiple occasions. He uses his intelligence to find ways to beat the unbeatable.

That said, you really have no way to know .. since both characters are fictional, and owned by competing companies.

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I honestly don’t know, because it depends on the situation. Wolverine would definitely kill Batman in a strike or two close distance, but if Batman gets some distance between them it might be in his favor.

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I’m an engineer so I vote for Batman’s brains and gadgets. Super human senses are no match for piezoelectric transducers, far infrared vision, micro gas chromatography, k band ranging radar, and remote controlled, heat seeking Bat UAVs armed with explosive projectile points.

Note to Batman: My CAGE code information is listed and current if you need design work on any or all of the aforementioned devices.

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@tedd The two companies do crossovers, you know. Also, it’s hypothetical. That the characters are fictional is irrelevant.

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@SavoirFaire Yah but if they did a cross over, where they were going to fight… I don’t see any scenario where Marvel or DC allows their guy to lose.

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@tedd There’s actually already a history of exactly that kind of comic. They work it out. Spider-Man lost to Superman, for example.

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Also… Marvel vs. DC by Kurt Busiek and George Perez (late 90s, early 00s I think)

Readers actually got to vote on the winners if certain battles.

Batman fought Captain America. Wolverine wasn’t in it.

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