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How do I make a Lolita dress, as in, where do I start?

Asked by ToxicLove (179points) January 27th, 2012

I’m wanting to make a Lolita dress, so how should I start? Do any of you have a website you could point me towards that could help?

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Here is a skirt pattern that looks elaborate but would be very easy to do with just basci sewing skills. The pattern is a rectangle that gets pleated. She gives very good instructions. The first link is the photo of the skirt, and the second is the pattern and sewing tutorial.
You can use any fitted bodice from a historical Victorian looking pattern for the bodice. I don’t have time to look for one now but if you have trouble finding one I will post a link later.. The pattern companies like McCall’s and Butterick and Vogue all have costume patterns and you should be able to find one that works. Just pay close attention to the measurements on the back of the pattern envelope because patterns run smaller than most clothes do so if you go by your clothing size it will probably be too small.

Do you have basic sewing equipment such as scissors, a sewing machine, straight pins, and tape measure. If not, you will need them.

Here is a cute capelet idea. Capes are very easy to sew too. Just look at the pic and measure it out according to your size. You’ll need some wide paper. You can use brown packing paper. I have even used newspaper in a pinch but I don;t like to because the newsprint can rub off on the fabric.

Sounds like a fun project! I love Lolita fashion. Don’t forget to do something special with your hair. What colors do you like?

There’s tons of websites with Gothic Lolita stuff. Just google Gothic Loilita pattern. Look for pictures from the Gothic Lolita Bible They sell old copies on ebay sometimes. At least they used to.But you can find scans online also for free.

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1. Start with some reference photos.
2. Sketch some ideas down.
3. Buy your materials/cloth
4. Stitch away!

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What is your vision of a Lolita dress?

Try BurdaStyle too, for patterns and sewing tips.

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