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If God were an animal, what would He be? (please just Christians)

Asked by leopardgecko123 (777points) January 27th, 2012

If God were an animal, what would He be, in your opinion?
I’m writing a book where God is basically a really mighty animal walking on earth. Please don’t say lion because I don’t want to copy Narnia!
And please don’t give unnecessary and crude answers, that’s not what I’m asking for.
I’m looking for a really mighty, amazing, and powerful animal. Even if it’s fictional, as long as it fits.

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Well, you’re bound to get some responses about how you want to limit the answers to those from Christians only… but anyway.. to answer the question..

My first thought was a polar bear.

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I think the book will be most meaningful and most true to your voice if you make God the animal you imagine.

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I would think lion.But since that’s been done,he could also possibly be a pheonix. :)

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Pheonix,yes that would be good.Because a pheonix,when it dies is reborn again.

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I’m thinking something like an eagle. They’re all strong and majestic and stuff. They have awesome eyesight and see everything. That’s pretty much what God is, right? Ever watching and all.
But without going on symbolism and all, they’re just really badass hunters.
Maybe a mammoth. Ancient and ominous, yet nobody’s ever seen one for real. And they’re like, polar elephants. That’s awesome.
Maybe a ram. That could go without saying, since they’re like, the king of sheep, and that’s an animal that’s strongly attributed to God when it comes to symbolism. Or maybe a buffalo/ bison. They’re peaceful animals that don’t bother anybody, yet they’re powerful as shit, and they do seem to have that whole wisdom thing going on when you look at them.
I denno, I mostly see big, lumbering and powerful animals as good candidates for what God could be if he was an animal. I just go on symbolism though, it’s hard using some other approach.

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@Symbeline thanks for the ideas!

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Perhaps a man? You know , created in his image, and all…

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I’m not Christian, but when I was younger I had to attend Catholic schools. I know I’m not welcome here, but I had to break the news. Isn’t Jesus depicted as a lion and lamb in the Bible? I’m sorry but if you know enough about your faith to write a book, one would think you wouldn’t assume that the lion reference was from a Hollywood created movie. Narnia was not very original in it’s choice, but yet devout Christians still think that is where the lion as God originated! facepalm

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How about a Gorilla.

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@zigmund That would be cool maybe never say what animal God is but just describe how the form moves and stands and such.

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This might be amusing but I did have this thought when I was a Christian so bear with me…

A praying mantis. Now before you toss this aside as me joking around think about it. Ever see a praying mantis in a garden and what it does? It “tends” it, removing the harmful bugs you’d rather not be munching on your fruits and other plants. And are we not God’s garden persay? And the bugs = sin/things that detract us from the right path? Just saying

@auhsojsa I think you meant @JaneraSolomon

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Without a doubt, it would be a dog.

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Slime mold isn’t flame baiting, I encourage you to read up a little on this amazing creature. It is a single cell creature, and it’s one-ness might remind one of the almighty. It has recently amazed neuroscientists with its abilities to solve extremely complex problems including mazes and goods-distribution problems, though it doesn’t have a brain. Further it is “everywhere.” It can be big (meters wide) or small (microscopic) apparently at will, and it is not easily categorized; it is not an animal in the traditional sense, nor a plant. It is believed to have been been on this earth for millions of years prior to humans or for that matter, animals. All in all I’d say its an excellent, though untraditional, candidate.

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Panda Bear…...

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I’m with @JaneraSolomon on this one. If you are looking for an example of alien life on earth then slime moulds are the probably the number one contenders. It’s a single cell organism that can behave like a multicell organism at will.

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I would make him a humble unsuspecting animal, like a dove.

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A lamb as they were alway sacrificed in the bible as was Jesus.

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The Bible has used both lions and lambs in relation to God.

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The Bible clearly states like a lamb when He redeemed mankind and will return like a lion when He deals with the world at the final act of the play and the curtain call

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I’m not a Christian, but whatever, I’m answering anyway.

You say that you want to make god into a “really mighty, amazing, and powerful animal”, and you want to choose an animal that has these qualities… and that you don’t want to choose a lion because it copies “Narnia”. Well, here’s the thing. Real lions don’t just naturally come by the qualities that Aslan had – they aren’t just walking around all god-like. Those qualities were written into that lion by C.S. Lewis. So, I think what you want to do is choose an animal that has physical attributes that you admire for whatever reason, then imbue that character with might, amazingness, and power.

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A phoenix, perhaps.

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because I want something original
I know Jesus is referred to a Lamb because of its pureness, though.

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I thought we were sheep and Jesus the sheppard?

Maybe God could be a German Sheppard. XD But that’s one reason I suggested a ram, although I have absolutely no idea if in a ram is the leader of a pack of sheep…especially since sheep are domesticated.

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“a ram is the leader of a pack of sheep”

I thought the devil already claimed the ram for his beast moniker… over the flock?

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The devil generally uses the goat. In the same family of animals as the sheep I guess, but a goat is stubborn and rebellious, (symbolically anyway) which makes it the opposite of a sheep.

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Matthew 25 is the separating sheep from goats chapter.

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@Symbeline , yes. One of my favorite chapters. I can just see all my athiest jelly friends saying, “Hey, when did we see you hungry and feed you?”

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Clearly, he’s a unicorn mermaid vermicious knid.

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zigmund That was so subtle….I get it now…..sweet Jesus!

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