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Becoming the best possible version of yourself?

Asked by chriswin (26points) January 27th, 2012

I want to become the best possible version of myself by taking small steps, focusing on different aspects of my life.

Some aspects I thought of are: appearance, health, self-esteem, kindness, intellect, social, and family.
It’s also important to remember you are NOT competing with other people.

For me, my goals are:
Appearance – No acne, six-pack, taller
Health – Stronger, eat healthier
Self-esteem (appearance helps) – No anxiety, less awkward
Kindness – Compliment and help others more often.
Intellect – Stop procrastinating, pay attention in class
Social – Make more friends, never be afraid to speak up, always have something to talk about, know how to keep a conversation going, make light jokes on the spot, be more comfortable and open with friends about girls and personal stuff.
Family – Be nicer and more open.

What steps can I take to reach my goals? How do you want to improve yourself?

*This thread’s intention is to help each other reach our goals.

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Write down every single goal, and when you would like to achieve that certain goal. THATS STEP 1

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A lot of what you are looking for is summarized as “I want to grow up.”

Keep your goals in mind, get older, be kind (and that includes be strict on times) to your self and enjoy life!

Your knowing that you want to grow up into a nice person already puts you ahead of most of the pack!

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Take it from an older person ( I am 52 )....self actualization is an ongoing process and ones evolutionary progress will ebb & flow and peak and decline many, many, times throughout life. I have reinvented myself several times over the years, it’s a circle, but it doesn’t have to be a circle f—k. lol You’re on the right track, and making your integrity #1 is most important.

Congrats on your motivational pursuits! :-)

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To overcome cancer and diabetes, at least for several years, and live a long, full life. : )

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You have already accomplished the first step. Self realization. I’ve been working on myself for years and it’s a never ending project. But I am brutally honest with myself even when it hurts. When I mess up, I own it and move on from there. Mostly I aim for full and complete health mentally, intellectually, emotionally and physically. I’m kind and considerate to most people, now I have to work on extending those same kindnesses to myself.

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You have a big project in front of you. I think it might be best if you focus on improving one area at a time.

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Thank you for your answers. It would probably help if someone else was going through the same self-actualization (not that you have to, just would be convenient if someone else on fluther wanted to).
And I’ll add to my list – to be more patient, because I’m very impatient and I realize reinvention takes a long time to accomplish.
Step 1: Realization
Step 2: Create a diet plan where food is healthy, consisting of protein and calcium for muscle and bone growth.
Step 3: Create an exercise plan that concentrates on burning belly fat and creating muscle.
Step 4: Drop all my pointless worries.
Step 5: Do my homework and organize my backpack.
Step 6: Talk to more people on facebook.
Step 7: Say what’s on your mind, not holding back for any reason.
I’ll work out the rest of the steps later.

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Don’t take life too seriously.

Why do you want to be “your best”?
Isn’t good enough, good enough?

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@Rock2 That’s a good point, I can accept who I already am, but I think we all have things we want to improve on.
Why I want to improve? To impress not only girls, but myself. And I want to be more comfortable in my own skin. This video inspired me to improve myself:

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I have always enjoyed testing myself against things I fear. To NOT do so means I understand myself less well.

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35 years younger.

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No matter how much you accomplish there will always be more to accomplish.

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