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Is there internet access in heaven and hell?

Asked by FutureMemory (24496points) January 28th, 2012

Seems to me both places wouldn’t be the same without it.


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Are you kidding? The Internet is heaven and hell.

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I hope it’s not in heaven, I’d prefer to think that we’ll just be running around naked in some ethereal paradise free from the constraints of the world of form.
Hell? I doubt it, if hell is all about eternal damnation, well…why would satan provide the wicked with anything they might enjoy. Nope, maybe he’d give access on dial up only so you can roast away in eternal

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I think Heaven doesn’t even have beer. But er, if those places exist, I would think that it’s not just us moving over there after we die, but rather we would transcend to a different state of being. Probably one that doesn’t care about computers.
That question reminds me of a question I asked myself forever…say you’re an alcoholic, a heroin addict or someone with an addiction that really changes your life. When you go to Heaven or Hell, or you still an addict? I mean, it comes to define your life and is your life until you get out of it. But if you die and didn’t get out of it, wouldn’t it not be you if you just reverted to a state of non addiction? Heaven and Hell make no sense to me. I’d rather go to Valhalla, seems so much simpler lol.

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In Heaven it’s called Eternitnyet.

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There is Internet access in both. In Heaven it is 1 Petabyte/sec in Hell 1 kilobyte.

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@flutherother Yeah, but heaven blocks all the good sites.

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@fundevogel God is SOPA? Megaupload must be Satan. It’s the Apocalypse!

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@Berserker Kim Dotcom is Mephistopheles.

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There is strict censorship and thought control in heaven. The internet would be a nightmare for the administration.
Hell always prided itself with its freedom of speech, thought and conscience.

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I think heavan had internet before we even knew what a computer was. I bet they have flying cars too!

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Oh yeah, and the internet in Heaven only has one social website, Fluther, while in Hell, there is only Facebook. : )

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But you didn’t say who is allowed to answer this question!

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@janbb LMAO..touche!

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Not really.

In hell there is no technology of any kind. Not even a hammer. Everything is done by hand. We’re talking pre-stone-age. It’s hard work being in hell. Even the demons work their asses off. They don’t even have whips to goad people into working harder.

Heave, on the other hand, is beyond technology. I mean, their technology comes from the end of time. When (if) we get there, it will all look like magic to us. We won’t know how anything gets done, but it’ll all be done from some far future technology we can’t even imagine now.

So really, there won’t be an internet in either place—hell because it has no technology at all and heaven because it’s technology is so far advanced we won’t even be able to see it.

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Why don’t we wait for someone in heaven or hell to answer this question?

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@whitenoise And if we don’t get an answer clearly the afterlife doesn’t come with wifi.

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In hell, it’s called dial-up.

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Sure, but in hell there’s a limit of 2 MBit/s per tenant.

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