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After a good first date/time hanging out with someone, do you let them know you had fun?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) January 28th, 2012

We went out late last night, had been talking (met through an online dating site) all day and met up for a drink and a walk around midnight. We had a lot in common and had a nice time. Nothing mind blowing but it was fun. We didn’t exchange numbers. I think we will hang out again.

Do I send him a quick little message today to tell him I had a good time and would like to see him again? Or do I give it a few days? Wait for him to contact me? What’s the protocol?

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I don’t know if there’s any protocol, but I would say wait. Let him contact you. If you feel that you must do something, a very brief, “Thanks for a nice evening. I had a good time.” Then leave it to him.

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I’m a guy, I’d love to get a nice message the next day. It would tend to inspire me to folow up.

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It is best to tell him at the end of the evening, and then wait to hear from him.

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In that situation yes I think that would be very nice.

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God forbid you should tell him your reaction to stuff he does. Wouldn’t want to start right off learning how to communicate effectively with each other. I mean, my God! That might be the basis of a serious relationship.

You are just fooling around, right?

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If you had a fun time, I see no problem in saying. Thanks for a lovely evening. I had fun. In fact, I see it as good manners. Just don’t do it to try to get a response. Keep it simple. No pressure.

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Of course. What if they’re wondering if they bore you, or is they should ask you out again?

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I vote for sending a short message. What’s to be gained by being coy?

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Go for it. People like to know stuff like that.

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Yeah, be honest. The coy stuff sucks. I’m a guy. I’m not good on subtle. If you liked it let me know, if it sucked let me know.

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We’re about to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary, so it’s been so long since I had a first date i can’t with honesty say what I do as the date ends. I certainly think you should let your date know you enjoyed the time with them, though. Seems to me it’s only common courtesy, and it’s also in your own best interest, If they feel the same way, and you confirm to them you enjoyed spending time with them, a second date is far more likely to happen.

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I would send a quick message to say that I’d had a nice time. Seems polite but still cool! I don’t believe in protocol for situations like this and simply saying you had a nice time isn’t exactly needy or weird so why should it matter if you make first contact. Why should it be left to the guy to make contact after a first date anyway?

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It’s always good to tell how you feel

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I’ve always said thank you at the end of the night, or waited for the other person to contact me first.

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