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Does anyone remember a Sega photo booth that printed stamps?

Asked by buckyboy28 (4948points) January 28th, 2012

I seem to remember a while back, at least 10–15 years ago, that there was a photo booth made by Sega that you would go in, have your picture taken, and then for probably $2 or $3 you could have that picture printed on a rubber stamp. You could then stamp your face on paper, peoples hands, etc.

Am I imagining this, or was this a real thing?

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I don’t suppose it was something like this? There is also another machine that does something similar like this.

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@Dog It was very close to the second one. It’s possible that it was just a version that was either made by, or branded by Sega. It’s good to know I didn’t make it up!

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They’re called Purikura machines, or also called “Photo Club”. A lot of them were done by Sega as well.

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