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What do i wear in Ireland?

Asked by mommad8735 (1points) May 21st, 2008 from iPhone

I am going next week on a tauck tour

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Mainly clothing, I would think…

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chaosrob is correct.
But to be a little more specific: bring wellies and a rainjacket/coat. Do not bring anything suede and dress in layers. Right now it’s cold and raining all day, but last week it was sunny and mild, so it can go either way.

Which part of Ireland are you visiting?

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In a football (soccer that is) nation you can’t go wrong with wearing the national team jersey! Trust me you will get much Lurve (with out the pints though) LOL have fun!

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Football/Soccer isn’t at the top of the list of popular sports here. Hurling, (Irish)Football and Rugby are.
Please don’t wear the ‘póg mo thóin’ or ‘Kiss me I’m Irish’ shirts!! Please!!

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@wildflower, good advice on what not to do!

What exactly does that first saying you mention mean? Something to do with pugs and thongs?!? You’d think that’d just be common sense to stay away from that combo.

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Or a Celtics jersey! Ewww

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Yea, doesn’t sound terribly inviting, does it? It means Kiss my ass (not terribly original or creative) and is to be found in every single souvenir shop.
Some examples:–640pi.jpg

However, one of these – or these (if you’re in Cork) would be perfectly acceptable.

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@wildflower – oh, those souvenir shops. When I was in Dublin last year they all looked the same to be, and no representation at all of what Ireland (or at least Dublin) was like for me :P

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[shivers].....Did you end up dressed like a 6ft pint of Guinness?

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I was there last July. Comfortable, sturdy shoes (I wore Eccos), jeans, T-shirt, rain-proof jacket. Pack light following Rick Steves’ guidelines.

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Right now the forecast says sunny/partly cloudy and up to mid 60’s on Monday, but it’s only Wednesday so that’s likely to change 4–5 times before then.

Again: Dress in layers. You never know with the weather here.

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a shirt and pants….

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A six-foot pint of Guiness sounds lovely.

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Yea, but they look ridiculous – you can totally tell they’re not from around here!

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a burlap potato sack.

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Really light, breathable layers that will do double duty, a good, lightweight packable rain parka that you can wear over a sweatshirt (bring a hoodie) and warmer sleeping clothes for the evening. It gets colder there at night. Avoid packing wellies if you can and just go for shoes that you know are going to get wet, but will dry out quickly. I think they’d take up way too much suitcase real estate for something you may or may not need. Feel free to drop me an individual comment if you’d like more specifics at all!

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@wildflower – nah, I think I ended up with a Guiness “ovenwant” (dunno the English word, a glove that allows you take things out of the oven without burning your hands) for my mother and a Guiness beer-coolkeeper for my father :P

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hahaha…..and just plain old guinness for yourself?

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Well, I don’t drink (not out of principle, just because I don’t like it. I know, odd…) so I just went home empty-handed ;-)
(Well, of course I had a bag full of wonderful experiences :)

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