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I thought I was over my crush yesterday...?

Asked by chriswin (26points) January 29th, 2012

But today I think I like her again. I’m really not sure how I feel about her. I’m not sure if I love her just as a friend or more than a friend. I feel like I want to get over her, but at the same time I don’t.
I think I was into her originally because she’s cute and like the only girl I talk to. But now I find that I love everything about her.
I think I started getting over her because I realized I have no chance because she constantly rejects guys and I wouldn’t be any different. She’s also really quiet around me and talkative around other guys.
I don’t really know what I’m asking here, cause I guess this just takes time. But have you ever had an experience where you thought you were over someone and the next day you fell for them again?

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sometimes it takes years to get over some loves, and you never forget them decades later.

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We all have, particularly when we were in high school (which I might guess fits you).

It does take time; if you keep a journal and write about your feelings, you both validate and defuse them.

Check in with us in May and tell us how you are feeling then.

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Why not tell her how you feel about her? If she acts differently around you than she acts around other guys, then she may like you. She may reject other guys because she is waiting for you.

If you ask her out and tell her how you feel, you will know how she feels and you can move forward from there. Even if it means getting over her.

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Dress nicely and ask her out. Take the plunge…if she rejects you, well you have conquered your fears for the next awesome girl to come your way. If she accepts you, you will have a girl that you love and would make her very happy. Ask her what she likes…especially movies, get her laughing and ask for her number. Then text her once an awhile and if the vibe is great ask her to go to a movie or other social event….movies are preferable. For extra confidence, wear a great Armani Code for men. Make sure you are neat and dressed well. Go for it! Sometimes we have to make girls like us and reach for our goals.

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Yes, your emotions can take you up and down and all around. Your thoughts will change from day to day. This is not something you can control all that well. You can do what @Eggie suggests and try to see if you get somewhere or you can do what I did, and sit home and mope.

In the end, it matters little. I was a slow learner, but eventually I found a love, and then another, and then a few more, and then a wife. The thing I was worried about was being told no and then finding out that everyone knew I was a loser. Apparently that doesn’t happen as much as I was afraid of. So yeah. Go for it!

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Definitely have been in this position and it is pretty tough to handle. I think you should let her know how you feel. There is a reason why she is around you, so she probably does enjoy your company. However, I feel like you are afraid of what her answer would be. Just because she rejects guys constantly does not mean she will reject you. On the contrary, maybe you are the reason she has been rejecting guys. Life is too short to sit there and wonder, so ask her out. Take matter into your own hands and go for it. What is the worst that could happen? If it works out, great. If not, you will get over her.. trust me.

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