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How easy is it to self-publish a book?

Asked by IzzyAndHerBeans (357points) January 29th, 2012

Couple things:
1. How easy is it to self-publish a book?
2. Just about how much time would it take to write a book? It’s different for everyone, but does anyone know of a general time table?

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If you want to self-publish on dead trees, that’s expensive and rarely worth it. A publisher does know what’s likely to be profitable and what isn’t. If you don’t mind bearing the expense to get your book published, with little hope of recovering your costs, there are so-called vanity publishers. But despite the hype, don’t expect them to bend over backward to promote your book. You’re better off going to a regular book printer and do your own marketing.

Now, if you want to self-publish electronically, and maybe make a little profit, selling through Amazon’s eBook service for Kindle is your best option. Here’s how.

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Way too easy. The amount of stuff that’s out there now and shouldn’t be has gone beyond appalling.

If you follow Chris Baty’s method in No Plot? No Problem!, the handbook of NaNoWriMo, you can draft a 50,000-word novel in a month.

Googling on “self-publishing companies” got me 35,500,000 results.

Not that I have anything against the author’s right to reproduce and distribute his or her own work (what “copyright”—the right to copy—literally means); but it is a truism that even the greatest authors are not the best judges of their own work. Most of us need the benefit of an objective opinion, the stimulus to rewrite (many times, if necessary), and the scrutiny of a good editor. If our work simply won’t make the cut, the gentle voice of reason can spare us pubic embarrassment.

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The amount of time it takes to write a book varies. It would depend upon the subject matter and the style and habits of the writer. As far as self publishing, its never been easier, thanks to the internet. One site that I have had experience with is: which is unfortunately, temporarily off line while making some changes, but will soon be back. There are thousands more. Hard copies are also a breeze these days.

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It’s nearly impossible to get a book published on paper these days. If you choose to publish on your own, you have to personally find a printing press that will print your book, which costs a ton of money. Most printing companies won’t even consider your book unless your book is backed by a publisher that they have a contract with. Then you must personally find a book store that will sell your book. Most book stores won’t even look at your book unless you are backed by a publisher. (And most publishers won’t even look at your book unless you have an agent, and most agents won’t look at your book unless…)

It is much easier to publish electronically, but I have never heard of a book that became so famous on Amazon that it was put on dead trees. It’s usually the opposite.

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Buy the Writers Market 2012 edition. Find every publishing company you think might match your writing style and send a letter of inquiry regarding your story. Make sure it is professionally edited by at least 5 different eyes. Your letter of inquiry should also be flawless. Good luck!

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