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Assume that a big part of the world would from now on begin with reading page 7 as opposed to page 1 from the Google Search results. How would that influence Google's algorithm/- search engine?

Asked by rebbel (24813points) January 29th, 2012

I have no idea what that algorithm is or how it works or if it would be influenced at all, but I can imagine that something is going to be changed if the first six pages wouldn’t be read (and their links not clicked).
Would the big companies get smaller (revenues) and the smaller ones bigger?
Would Google be not amused?
Any other thoughts on what might be influenced?

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They would change the engine so that the best results started on page seven, while the first six pages are just filled with enough junk for the best results to be bumped to page seven. The algorithm wouldn’t change, just how they display the results.

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But surely it would change the definition of “best results”... in other words, the types of pages that would occur on the 7th page (if there is even a way to put them in one category) should now become the top results. Or conversely, would it mean that Google’s algorithm would suppress the first six pages by default?

To answer your question, it would depend… I know that when I am searching, I either look for information (which is rarely benefiting anyone monetarily, because I avoid pages with ads when possible) or I look for a specific company. I seldom shop for a shop in a Google search. So I’m not sure if my searching activity would affect the revenues of anyone if there was such a change. I’m not sure if my activity is typical, though – do people shop for shops via Google?

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@dappled_leaves I meant like that the results would start being displayed starting on the seventh page.

Instead of
1. First page of results
2. Second page of results
3. Third page of results
4. Fourth page of results

It would be
1. random junk
2. random junk
3. random junk
4. random junk
5. random junk
6. random junk
7. First page of results
8. Second page of results
9. Third page of results

Where “first page of results” is the same for both.

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Yes, I understood what you were saying.

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Google could sink into the sea and I would be delighted. I used to consider my life on the internet my own personal experience. Google, however, not to mention FB, continually puts force claims of ownership. I hope they both die a painful and unprofitable death.

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