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What is privacy worth?

Asked by philosopher (9195points) January 29th, 2012

Are you comfortable with Goggle giving your information away?
Sometimes I think they are going to far. My email box has too much junk.
I just read this

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I believe we have lost our privacy a long time agi, even if today you threw your computer away and decided not to get on line, agencies you , we have never even thought of have most if not all our information, It is a scarey world in that way to me,

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I just hope that Google can be stopped from instituting their new privacy policy.

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All of my private information is for sale.

Today’s rates:

My email address: $20
My cell phone number: $100
My home address: $1000
My social security number: $5000

So, that is what my privacy is worth

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That link doesn’t really provide much info. I haven’t checked up on what’s changed in Google’s privacy policies, but most of the times, I’m more concerned about what governments (institutes we’re supposed to trust) know about us, than what companies do. Most of the times I’m fully aware of what Google knows of me.

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What is privacy?

So what if a big corporation like Google knows a lot about our buying habits, or even knows our marital status, number of children, where we work or whatever.

All they have going is a data-mining operation that is being used to target marketing appeals. Frankly, I’d rather see a bunch of ads that would be useful to me rather than on topics I don’t care about.

The thing about data-mining is that no individual is looking at me individually. Now, if we had a government that was anti-pornography and they were searching for everyone who used porn so they could put a poster with their picture on a wall, then I would have a problem… unless there were so many others that it turned out we were a majority. They we could go after the non-porn people and shame them for being so fucking stuck-in-the-mud.

And if the FBI had somehow decided I fit the profile of a terrorist—well, I’d be very, very scared for the security of our country… but not so much that I’d volunteer to fix their problems for them. They can watch me all they want. I am doing nothing anti-American… unless porn is anti-American.

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