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What place in society does a heavy thinker have?

Asked by auhsojsa (2516points) January 29th, 2012

Say, someone tends to think a lot, steps into his shoes, her shoes, their shoes etc. And all they can conjure are thoughts of situations, how and why, when and where and who. To add to this notion let’s assume they are inclined to be humorous with their thoughts, yet it’s not to say they cannot appreciate others humors. More specifically, let’s assume this person and the way they think just doesn’t flow with the general understandings of the status quo of their local society and overall nation. What place does he or she have in that world?

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Not much of a place compared to where people might think that they belong. How many million/billionaires do you think have these qualities?

They will probably appear to be ordinary citizens, maybe nicer and more considerate than the average citizen, maybe doing good things at the community level. Given they way the economical system works, these people will probably never benefit from their actions.

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According to the neo Left, “Society” has a consciousness that transcends that of the individual. So, in that case, individual thinkers, no matter how valid their ideas may be, would be regarded as subordinate to the collective.
Unless, they are a member of the political elite. Then, they are one step above the “Society”

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The same place that anyone else does.

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It’s not the thinking so such as what one does with the thoughts. Teach? Write? Make motivational speeches? Or maybe just philosophize while doing various work, like Eric Hoffer

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I think you are describing a writer. : )

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Why are you asking what place I should have in society? I though we weren’t supposed to single out specific jellies in our questions. :-P

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Earl Nightingale, Andy Rooney also in his own way were modern day philosophers of the complexity of ordinary life. A heavy thinker who remains without an outlet for a physical voice can expound in forums, blogs and letters to the editor. Then there is always the micro level of making one’s points with the old boys of McDonald’s morning by morning. Heck an inspired person could hum all the way there: “Sun’s comin’ up I got cakes on the griddle, thank God I’m a thinker boy.”....

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Well we all have a place in this world and a god given purpose, in my opinion. Some of the greatest people that have ever lived were likely creative thinkers who were considered outcasts. Despite what you’ve described in your post these types of people can be from all walks of life and not just a writer or artist.

As a very heavy thinker and being introverted I find my place to be either behind my computer looking articles up, reading various types of books and working on my invention ideas along with personal projects in my basement.

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I don’t think of myself as a “heavy thinker,” but a friend got me a magnet that reads “a PBS mind in a pop culture world”. I seem to look at things, as do some of my friends, in different ways than most of the rest of people. We just are different. For us, anyway, no more no less than that.

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