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What’s right with the world?

Asked by EverRose11 (1026points) January 29th, 2012

I know we all have our lists of what is wrong in the world, so I am wondering what you feel is right in this day and age.

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A lot, it’s easy to pick anything. Imagine your daily life being interrupted by systematic rape.

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It rotates in the right direction.
Plus, contrary to popular belief (I believe), most of her inhabitants are good-hearted people.

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1.. Antibiotics, anesthesia, and modern medicine.

2. Refrigeration and air conditioning.

3. The internet, allowing us to have this exchange of knowledge and opinions.

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I feel more hopeful now. I really couldn’t think of much. The internet IS great, you’re right @HungryGuy. And the world is a beautiful place and we’re really lucky to live on it. If more people today appreciated that, things would be better in so many ways. Instead we treat it like shit. So unfortunate.

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No doubt the world is unfolding as it must, whether you happen to like it or not.

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Innocent little babies. They’re a symbol of everything that’s right.
Chocolate is pretty great.
Modern medics and technology.
The internet as @HungryGuy said.
Clean Water.

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@MilkyWay – Especially dark chocolate! Yum!

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@HungryGuy Dark chocolate drizzled on pancakes :D

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@Maple syrup on pancakes is better.

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The smell of the ocean when a storm is brewing on the horizon, falling in love and staying in love, little children who are still so innocent to the ways of the world, a setting sun in the mountains, passionate love making, cuddling, spooning, being forced to watch sisterhood of traveling pants 2 by your SO and having her fall asleep in your arms so that you get lost in her face, her scent, her touch… And then sharpie-ing her face up while she’s still asleep, talking to your SO while cuddling until you fall asleep, the sound of the engine roaring under the hood, the feel of mountain air, the feel of ocean air, the feel of water enveloping you, the feel of adrenaline, the feel of her gentle breathing upon my skin…

And breasts. Breasts are amazing. And so are her pearly gates, especially her pearl. Sigh…

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It is still newsworthy when someone commits a crime, since the majority of people in the world are honest, hard working people.

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Living in a place where I can say what I want without getting my head removed from my shoulders, and living in a place where being a woman doesn’t make me someone’s property.

Horror movies. Art, entertainment and all. Music, books. People need that stuff to unwind and express themselves, it’s good we have it.

Pillows. If people hugged their pillow everyday, probably there wouldn’t be all that much conflict and war.


Medical science and application, at least for those lucky enough to have access to it. It should be more commonplace, though.

Slapping wall boobs. Yeah that last one’s a joke. None of what I listed above is, though.

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^Pillows make the world go round :D

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You’re in it. I’m in it.

And I like @rebbel‘s answer. I’d give more lurve if I could..

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What is right with the world? That we still have the freedom to express ourselves on a site like this.

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The possibility of disbelieving the narrative of scarcity and embracing the narrative of abundance.

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we are still trying…..

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Everything gets cheaper every decade, except education and health care.

We need to understand cheaper in the sense of number of minutes or hours we have to work for a particular product or service. Here’s an example from Matt Ridley:

“If you sat and read a book by the light of an 18-watt compact fluorescent light bulb and you read by that light for an hour, you would consume 18 watt hours of electricity. If you’re on the minimum average wage (£479 a week) and pay the average tariff for your electricity (9p per kWh), that hour will have cost you about a quarter of a second of labor – a little more if you include the cost of the bulb. To get the same amount of light with a conventional filament lamp in 1950 and the then average wage, you’d have needed to work for eight seconds. Using a kerosene lamp in the 1880s, you’d have needed to work for 15 minutes; a tallow candle in the 1800s, more than six hours. From a quarter of a day to a quarter of a second is an 86,400-fold improvement.”

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@mattbrowne What a wonderfully unique way to look at cost.

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