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What question would you ask a famous specialist in his/her field, just to see him tongue-tied?

Asked by rebbel (24843points) January 29th, 2012

Imagine you were in the position to ask Stephen Hawking a question.
Other than the obvious questions, related to his field of expertise, what could you ask him to witness his tongue-tiedness?
Or instead of Mr. Hawking you may fill in any other famous expert.

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I’d ask Thomas Jefferson why he had slaves if he believed everyone was equal.
He’s one of my favorite presidents, but this always confused me.

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I’d ask freud if he’d ever boned his mom.

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I would whisper, “We have just been attacked by terrorists Mr. President. What should we do?”, in to George W. Bush’s ear while he was reading to some grade school children.

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“let’s bomb iraq!, those towelheaded freedom haters! yeehaww”

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To Dr. Stephen Hawking can you prove that you are actually writing this stuff and are not being controlled remotely by someone else…who wants to remain anonymous? Also why do you keep rehashing the same book over and over… when is the new content coming out? Finally how many times have you been married, and how many children do you have?

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