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ITunes disabled my account. How do I enable it again?

Asked by ram201pa (606points) January 30th, 2012

My account was hacked and $20 left on a gift card was taken. iTunes disabled my account and told me to change my password. I did but the account is still disabled. I went to support on the apple site and emailed them but nothing happened. Did any of you folks ever deal with this issue?

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Have you tried the free Apple telephone support line. If you gat them to bump you up to a product specialist, they are pretty knowledgeable. Even tho I’m a year past the two year cutoff for my iPhone support, they still help me out.

Any issue ive ever had, they’ve helped me out with, even for stuff on my aging Mac Tibook way long past its support eligibility. Give them a try. Much more direct than email. And they don’t outsource their support to a foreign country.

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