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Will you answer some questions regarding the Republican Primaries in America?

Asked by JLeslie (61841points) January 30th, 2012

1. If the economy gets better and unemployment continues to go down, will the Republicans switch to other topics, and which topics will become most important? Will social issues come back into the discussion as a larger deciding factor for Republican voters?

2. On TV they keep talking about Romney being two close to Obama on the issue of healthcare, because of what Romney put into place while Governor. So what? So what if he agrees with Obama on an issue? One, two, even three topics…there will still be things they greatly differ on.

3. I saw Joe Scarborough today saying there are probably years where Mitt Romney paid close to zero in taxes in the last five years. I have no problem with it, if he followed the law (although to be clear, I think tax law needs to be changed). Michael Steele stated that Democrats are trying to present payroll income and investment income as one in the same. Really? I never here Democrats saying that? I don’t know any Dems personally who are critical of Romney following the tax code. What I do wonder is if Romney has employed a lot of people in the last five years while only paying capital gains? If you are a Republican, would Romney paying <15% tax and not hiring anyone matter to you regarding your opinion on whether the tax laws really benefit our economy and employment.

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1. The Republicans can try to shift the focus, but I think that the voters will still be focused on the economy even if it keeps improving.

2. I don’t think Romney will raise the issue of health care much.

3. I have not heard Dems say this either. I think they want to consider making the capital gains tax revert to the 20% that it was for many years.

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I think, if Romney were to release 12 years worth of tax returns like his father did, it would expose the big lie that “taxing the rich less creates jobs.” I don’t have a problem with him following the law, it’s just that he is a prime example of how the tax code and the trickle down philosophy is flawed.

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@Judi You name a reason I would love to have him release all those tax returns, but it would not influence my vote for him one way or the other, and I am willing to consider him for President. What would matter to me is how he might want to maintain the tax laws, or change them further benefitting people who earn income from Capital Gains of that is his stance? I assume you feel the same way. What is interesting is if the average middle class Republican American could or would change their mind.

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1) The economy will not likely improve to an amount that would certifiably and undeniably prove the Republicans wrong. We would need several months of a million or more jobs added to hammer that point home, and only twice in recorded job growth history has the number cleared 1 million in a month (in I believe 1946 under Truman, and again in the early 80’s under Reagan). Our economy is certifiably improving right now, it’s just going at an incredible snails pace. Since it’s so slow it’s easy to deride the recovery and say it’s not at all, or as politicians often do… to argue that the opposite of what is happening is actually what’s happening. As far as social issues go, the Republicans quite frankly can’t win on them. Half of their base is libertarian in nature, and doesn’t agree with the neo-con social structure… and the independent base is incredibly far off from their views (anti gay marriage, etc). If the election isn’t about the economy, the Republicans almost assuredly lose.

2) In today’s political world, especially in the Republican party, being seen as agreeing with anything that Obama says is toxic. That’s how screwed up our politics, and in particular the Republican party, have become lately. It literally got to the point last year that Republicans found themselves arguing against extending the payroll taxcut because the President was supporting the move. So for Romney to be with Obama on a topic, let alone one that is as hated amongst Republicans as the Healthcare bill… that is a huge red flag to the Republican base. The massive irony being that not only was the Obamacare plan basically copy/pasted from the “Romneycare” plan… but it’s the same plan that was heavily endorsed by Republicans back in the 90’s when Clinton tried to force through the public option in his first term. The likes of John McCain, Bob Dole, and even Newt Gingrich… came up with and/or actively supported plans that were nearly identical to the healthcare bill. But now the Dems and Obama are supporting, so they hate it.

3) Michael Steele doesn’t know his a** from a hole in the ground. He was one of the worst RNC chairman’s in history. That’s why MSNBC scooped him up just as fast as they could, he supplies them with a token Republican to make the network appear unbiased… and at the same time he manages to make the Republicans look stupid as hell because of his own stupidity. So I would pay little to no attention to what he says.

As far as Romney, you are right… most of us liberals are not deriding the fact that he followed the law… we are pointing to him as a textbook example of what is wrong with our tax code and hence our country. You have a man born into wealth, who has never really worked a day in his life. He made all of his money either from his father or from investments. The only job other than governor he ever had was to be CEO of an investment firm (which btw he ruined). He doesn’t even manage his own stocks anymore, he pays someone else to manage them (that’s what all that trust fund and mutual fund talk was about during the last few debates). He literally sits back and has someone else move his money around so that it accrues interest… making more money in one day than over half of American’s make in an entire year… without lifting a finger or really contributing to any of these companies that are making him rich.

I can tell you for fact right now, that the handful of people Romney has employed over the last few years, is most definitely not worth the huge tax cut he is getting. The capital gains tax was lowered under the premise of getting common people to invest their money.. but it has been abused by the wealthy who now collect all their income in stock options rather than cash, because it’s taxed lower… and by people like Mitt Romney, who make 50k a day on interest of money he never earned, that isn’t doing anything to help the economy.

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@tedd I didn’t realize Steele is a permanent fixture on MSNBC. I usually think of Morning Joe as being very balanced. I absolutely agree MSNBC has many shows that are very liberal leaning, but do not see morning Joe that way.

I disagree Romney has never worked. I’m not into hating the rich, the rich usually have worked very hard at education and career. Their life is easier, I have no quarrel with that, barring any horrible unlikely tragedies, not having money worries is liberating, and having money to make money is certainly a big head start.

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@JLeslie Morning Joe is relatively balanced, largely thanks to the presence of Scarbough (spelling?). He’s a former Republican house member (part of the freshmen class way back with Gingrich when they retook the house under Clinton). But the way the Republican party is now, Scarbough is practically a Democrat. He is relatively moderate with a conservative lean, I doubt he would succeed in todays Republican party.

Romney is probably a great guy, and I don’t begrudge him for being born into wealth where I was not…. But his life is a textbook example of what I find wrong. What work did Romney do that he deserves to be making $50,000 a day? He simply is taking advantage of the system to make a boatload of money off of the hardwork of those of us on the bottom.

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@tedd I am critical of the excessive amount some people make at the top, but not about the money they earn off of interest and investments. However, I think it should be taxed the same as, or very similar to, regular income.

I am all for better wages in general, and less disparity between the lowest levels and highest levels in an organization. America has become way too extreme on this point.

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Regarding your first question:
The economy is getting better. The Republican response is that Obama slowed the recovery with his policies. Ya, he can’t get a break.

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