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What will it take to cancel Easter?

Asked by reijinni (6847points) January 30th, 2012

Remember all those shows that threaten to cancel Christmas? How come we haven’t seen the same for Easter?

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The Easter Bunny has started a conspiracy to overthrow Santaclause and claim his place as king of commercialism.

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There is not as much passion associated with Easter.

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Because the war on Christmas is fake? What shows are threatening to cancel Christmas, exactly? :P

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They’d have to find the body.

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No, I don’t remember all those shows that threatened to cancel christmas…......But easter, christmas and whatever else is associated, are all a part of the same religion.

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Mass amnesia.

(pun intended)

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Well, some stores are now open on Easter, so maybe there will be some sort of protest eventually. The war on Christmas is total bullshit in my opinion, made up by people who want to wind up their Christian right wing followers, a minority group, although a reasonably large group still, with very loud voices.

I think it is very odd how seemingly Christmas has so much more consideration than Easter in America. In Latin America they celebrate Holy Week, many countries have businesses closed the entire week, sometimes two weeks of school off. Not sure in Europe. I wonder how many Americans actually know Easter is the more important holiday?

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@JLeslie : Christians know that Easter is more sacred. For everyone else, Christmas is a more important holiday because it is a full-on western cultural tradition that is not necessarily religious, even if originally given religious significance.

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Body of evidence.

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I’ve heard on some holiday specials, that if a task isn’t completed, then Christmas is cancelled. Like Santa failing to delivering the gifts. that evidence.

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Put simply, it would take a lot of haters to cancel Easter. Then broadcasts have no point of talking about it.

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If you’re talking about all those holiday season TV shows like “The Year There was No Santa” etc, (setting aside any religious considerations) I think those play into kid fears. For at least a month, parents have the threat of “Santa’s watching you!” to keep behavior in line.

Santa has the power to cancel Christmas if you’re naughty and you won’t get your PS3!

No kid is afraid of being watched by a rabbit. It’s not as if Easter is the only day of the year they get candy.

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@reijinni Ok, I think a lot of us misunderstood your question! There is actually an old Canadian cartoon about this: Easter Fever.

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Because Easter a) is not a legal holiday, and b) is on Sunday.

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@JilltheTooth I wasn’t picking on Christians, I said Americans. Although, I think there are many Christians who treat Christmas as the more important day, but they obviously are not very religious Christians, and even they I would think know Easter is the more holy of the days.

For me Christmas was a day of extreme boredom, rather lonel, and feeling left out. Easter was chocolate bunnies and easter egg hunts and arts and crafts dying eggs. Easter was much more fun for me as a non-Christian, but that was because of how my mom looked at things.

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@JLeslie : Where did I say you were picking on Christians? When have I ever said you were picking on Christians? Did I say up there that anyone was picking on Christians? I was simply explaining that let me say it again Christians know that Easter is a more sacred holiday and everyone else (to be precise, non-Christian Americans) Christmas is a more important holiday because it is a full-on western cultural tradition that is not necessarily religious, even if originally given religious significance. See? No accusations of picking on Christians.

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Easter can’t be canceled. It’s not a Federal holiday.

However, I imagine that if all people who wanted to celebrate Easter suddenly died, you could consider that Easter had effectively been cancelled.

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@wundayatta . . . Unless, in some grand show of cosmic irony, they all came back three days later.

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@JilltheTooth I only wanted to clarifying I wasn’t picking on them. I could not be sure what you were thinking behind what you said by what you wrote. I am not assuming anything about what you wrote, I was just clarifying in case I was misunderstood.

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@wundayatta I don’t think Easter is a Federal holiday. Falls on a Sunday, no need to make it a holiday.

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Because chocolate is everyone’s weak point.

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A settlement on an extrasolar planet.

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Wan to cancel easter? Give me some 2×4’s and a nailgun and point me to jesus.

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@Blondesjon LOL!!!! 2 billion Jesuses all in a row!

@JLeslie A sinister plot to keep it from being cancellable! What will they think of next?

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@wundayatta Exactly! LOL. Federal Holidays mostly are just days the government is closed for a holiday. People want it to mean the government is endorsing, or making it an American holiday sanctioned by the Federal Government, but it has more to do with knowing the days the M-F people who work for the government will have the day off. Easter is the big proof of this. All over fluther people pointed out Christmas is a Federal holiday further proving we are a Christian nation, but really it is just the realty that most people celebrate the holiday and would take it off, so might as well have the government closed. Same as schools in communities where there are lots of Jews give Yum Kippur off, but in other communities they don’t. It isn’t really about giving off the Jewish holiday out of some sort of religious respect or acknowledgement, but rather the school day won’t even count in some school districts if a significant portion of the student body does not show up. Of course some of the federal holidays are uniquely American holidays, and are given as a way of honoring what the day commemorates, but we typically move the holiday around to give us a three day weekend.

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