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My Android (Acer Tablet) shows a little green android with a yield sign?

Asked by pcmonkey (424points) January 30th, 2012

I was charging my Acer Tablet last night which is pretty much an iPad for Droids. Well now I’m trying to turn it on and it has a little green android with spinny wheels..Then it shows an android with a yield sign.. And it says Erasing Cache for SD update.. It’s been 7 hours and this thing still hasn’t come on..

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That should only take a few minutes at most. Sounds to me like a problem with your SD card. You did install a micro-SD card, right? If not, it’s waiting for one.

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I have an Acer Iconia A100 and I haven’t put one in yet either (shame on me) but I have yet to see the android you describe. Ive had mine since BF.

I don’t know the answer to your problem, but there is a forum specifically for Acer tablets (not run by Acer but by a really nice bunch of fans and users of the tab. )

Ive found them to be as helpful and nice as the folks here on Fluther and they all use Acer tabs daily so they might have some insight for you.

I haven’t yet found any other Acer tab owners here on Fluther thus far but jerv said hes used one briefly and hes one of the best tech guys around here and well versed in android generally.

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Here ya go, if interested:

Good luck.

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@Buttonstc You made a type that made the URL bad.

Here is the corrected version ;)

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Thank you Jerv.

I was trying out the copy/paste procedure. Maybe I should have just written it out manually as I used to have to do on iPhone.

Honestly, that came directly out of the address bar from the page itself. Weird. But then there is much weirdness in android which I have yet to be surprised by :)

But, good catch on your part. Never even occurred to me to check it as i used to do when writing it manually on iPhone. Now I have to go back and try to figure out how or why c/p got it screwed up.

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Ok, a little experiment here:

EDIT: well, both of those work fine. I wrote them out manually just like I used to do.

Maybe I should just stick to that from now on :)

And if theres a link too long or complex for that, well, too bad…...

There have been plenty of those in the past and likely just as many in the future. No long links from me. (As usual)

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@Buttonstc Copy/paste in both iOS and Android is sketchy at best, especially on a small screen like a smartphone.

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You can say that again :)

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