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What should I do for my birthday in The Netherlands?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) January 30th, 2012

My birthday is next month and I should start checking out what I can do.

I live in The Netherlands, Arnhem. Sort of relevant if someone knows what activity or events I can do here or in Holland.

So I was wondering what can I do?
I’m turning 21.
College student, so don’t really have much cash.

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If you are a history buff you can visit the Arnhem Battlefield of A Bridge Too Far fame.

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Just do like we do here in the USA. Grab some friends, and buy some beers and have some cheers. Have a happy 21st!

(Btw, is 21 the legal time to drink alcohol like us as well? I know in England the limit is lower)

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@auhsojsa Yeah, I probably would.. Hey thanks! :D
It’s legal to drink alcohol here when you’re 16+. I’m originally from Aruba which follows approximately the same law and there you may drink when you’re 18+

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smoke it like you got it!

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Go to the Holland Casino! So much fun! Get some drinks and maybe win some money! It’s fun with a couple friends, been there many times and customer is king over there! Such good service! A block away from the casino there is a bar, also a good place. Forgot the name though… it is boat-shaped. I am sure you could find it on the internet or maybe you already know what I am talking about.

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