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Caption competition! Name that acronym caption to the news photo (#1).

Asked by rebbel (24844points) January 30th, 2012

Watch this news picture and give a solution for the acronym caption that goes with it (please)!

The caption: M.R.E.T.F.

Original caption will follow in due time.

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I can’t come up with anything that’s not so mean spirited that I’m not embarrassed at myself.

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Mitt Romney embraces the future.

(I don’t support Mitt but I thought I’d answer anyway.)

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Mitt Romney Explains Todd’s Fired.

filmfann's avatar

Mitt Romney Examines Timmy’s Funstick.

6rant6's avatar

@filmfann Yeah,see, THAT’S what I’m talking about.

[caps used per this question] here

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Mitt Rarely Exemplifies True Fatherliness.


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Mitt Rubs Eddy’s Tip Feverishly

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Why does pedophilia always come to mind everytime a man and boy are pictured together? lol…?

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Mitt Romney Escapes Thickheaded Followers

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May reason edge through futility.

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@Keep_on_running People want to be funny, it’s “organs out” first thing. The age and sex is incidental.

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Mitt Romney Eliminates Tot’s Funding

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Mitt Romney Exemplifies “Toddler Fondler”.

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I’m not even going to bother after @cprevite, I’m laughing too hard.

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Mitt Relates Elaborate Teaparty Fantasies

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Mitt Relishes Every Toddler’s Frankfurter

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For those that want to see the original caption as adjusted by me, see here.
For those that don’t, don’t click it and game on.

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I don’t see a caption that matches the acronym.

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En route to Florida?

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My guess was “Mit Romney Explains the Filibuster” – but it sounds boring now that I read the other entries. :)

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Mitt Romney eagerly talks foreign (policy).

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Kindergarten Cop 2, here we come!

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Mitt Romney eats tot’s flesh.

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@ratboy That was nothing less than soul-deadening filth. But I laughed…. so hard. (Hope you aren’t a serial killer)

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Midget Romney educates the father?
Mitt Romney endorses train fans?

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Mitt Romney Exposes…

…The Facts. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Mitt Reveals Enormous…

…Trust Fund. And again.

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Mystic Ritual Exorcizes This Fiend

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Mormons Regretfully Explain Their Failures

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Mitt Recruits Eager Thirdgrade Fundraiser

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