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How would you like to be cheered up, if I found out you had a bad day?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14671points) January 30th, 2012

Too often I get bad news from people, and I struggle with how to cheer them up.

What is some advice in advanced to handle a friend disclosing misfortune? Something that can turn your mood around?

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Say a funny joke, introduce some new music for me, or throw a pillow at me. Talk to me about horror movies, or just give me a hug, something like that usually works. Or buy me dinner. Offer me a smoke. Do something to take my mind off of whatever is bothering me by making me think I’m awesome lol.

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It depends on what kind of a bad day we’re talking about. If I tell you someone close to me died, don’t tell me a joke! Just say “I’m so sorry to hear that”, and maybe give me a hug if we’re close.

If it’s a more garden-variety bad day, like traffic sucked, I lost my shoe, I spilled my coffee, and everything I touched turned to shit, then give me a hug, and distract me with something fun, funny, or happy.

If I’m just generally down in the dumps, order me something yummy for dinner. Oh, and give me a hug!

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Wach videos of Danish rabbits’ fence-jumping competitions.

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Make me laugh, give me chocolate, or flowers. Say silly stuff, buy me an ice cream… or cookies…

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This is what I would like.

Sit me down on the couch, give me a hug, tell me everything will be okay, place a blanket over me, let me watch a couple of my favorite movies, fix me a cup of tea, and just sit with me. Later, when it’s time for bed, tuck me in and go straighten up the house for me.

I’ve wanted this (or something similar) for so long I can’t remember. It’s never happened.

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If I was having a bad day I would love for you to ask me “Who do I need to beat up?”
Of course I wouldn’t actually want you to beat anyone up, it would just make me smile and feel like I had someone on my side.

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Walk naked into traffic and ask everyone who stops for peanuts.

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@cprevite: Jeez. I don’t know you but would find your wish list easy to fill. (Although after I straightened up the house and tucked you in, I’d have to go home to Milo, who has his own nightly wish list…actually more of an insist list.)

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Being alone and having time to unwind usually does the trick…

I don’t really need anyone to cheer me up. I can cheer myself up.

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Being alone and recharging my batteries, solitude helps a lot… If it were just me then I’d take a nice long hot shower, listen to my favorite songs, cry everything out, watch a good movie, go for a walk (or run)..

But if a friend wanted to cheer me up, then just being there and listening would make me feel a lot better…..

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Just listen, pour me a glass of wine, give me a hug if required or perhaps take me out somewhere to have some fun. It depends on why I am feeling down.

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Wrap your arms around me and hold me.

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Ask me: Does this really matter in one year? (what I’m upset about)

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This Q just made me feel a little better, @Imadethisupwithnoforethought .

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Hugs, chocolate, let me watch anything I want.
An offer of a nice vacation would be the topping on the cake.

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At the moment I’m across an ocean from home, and I’m super homesick. I’m having lots of down moments, and what helps most is talking to friends, via email or gchat. Specifically the friends who have experience with homesickness who can say “I hear ya, I’ve been there, just stick it out and it will get better!” but also just being silly with the people I miss.

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