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Is there such a coupon for money off on beer?

Asked by john65pennington (29163points) January 31st, 2012

While cutting out coupons for our weekly trip to the grocery store, I suddenly noticed that I have never cut out a coupon for beer.

Question: does or has such a coupon ever existed?

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Here are some. Most of them seem to be for liquor stores, home brewing kits, or restaurants.

But not for grocery stoles. Where I have seen sales advertised, but not coupons.

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Here is a review about beer coupons. It seems they don’t print a lot of coupons because several states don’t allow them.

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I’ve seen rebate coupons for buying a case of Labatt’s beer. $4 if I recall correctly.

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I saw a coupon for wine right before the holidays, but never beer.

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Once in a blue moon, I see rebates for cases of beer, but never coupons.

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At my grocery store, there are coupons for a liquor store on the back.

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I see them in the paper weekly.

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I’ve seen coupons for beer and liquor in Europe, but never in the USA. Too Puritanical, methinks.

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I’ve seen them in the UK, not commonly though.

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The Wood ‘n Tap restaurant in the Hartford, CT area has several cute billboards on local highways that promise “Free Beer With This Coupon” (or something like that), but the catch, of course, is that the “coupon” is printed only on the roadside billboard.

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I live in Norway. No coupons or even store rebates on beer, wine.. liquor ever. They have even outlawed ‘Happy Hour’ here. :.o( They expect us to take fish oil to cheer up. Something stinks in the state just North of Denmark. (sorry Will.)

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Not in my state Pa. but there’s Happy Hour if you can get a designated driver or walk to the bar. I learned that you can’t ride a bike drunk (at least I can’t)

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