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What is wrong with my eyes?

Asked by wildpotato (14903points) January 31st, 2012

My eyes felt very itchy about an hour ago, and I rubbed them a bit absentmindedly – not too unusual for me to have itchy eyes, due to allergies. They did feel more irritated than they normally do this time, though. I used some Visine and thought nothing of it. But when I glanced in the mirror a few minutes ago, I noticed an “extra” membrane on the inner corner of my eyes, especially pronounced in the left. Here are two pictures.

Is this a possible early symptom of pink eye? I don’t see any inflammation or redness on the conjunctiva of the whites of my eyes or on the inner lower eyelid. It’s just this weird extra rim of tissue that seems to be either swollen or ruptured. I can feel it, a little when I blink, but there’s no pain, and the itchy sensation has gone away.

Of course I’m going to an eye doctor tomorrow first thing, but for right now – I am seriously freaked out. Has anyone seen anything like this before?

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It’s normal. You just have a little allergic conjunctivitis. If it bothers you get some Visine or something.

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You have allergies. If you haven’t had them in previous years, you still have it now.
Go to the doctor and verify it, but it’s probably managable with Zyrtec or something over the counter.

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Stop straining your eyes by staring at Fluther. In fact, close your eyes and go to sleep. Then go see the doctor first thing in the am.

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Put some eye drops and get a lot of sleep. Do not rub in your eyes and make sure to wash your hands a lot. If it is not better tomorrow, go to the pharmacist and get a pink eye solution. It will be gone before you know it.

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Don’t self-medicate. See doc immediately.

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That happens to me once in a blue moon. This is what I do.
1 Wash and rinse your face well.
2. I also make sure the corner of my eyes is cleaned out of any junk and my lashes. Splash some water in your eyes to make sure there are no foreign object in it.
3. Put visine drops in my eyes for allergies
4. Then on a cotton swatch, pour some Witch Hazel on it, (make sure its wet but not dripping) and rest it on your eyelids for 10 to 15 minutes. Try to relax your eyelids but don’t open them until you have taken the swatch off and your skin is dry.
* Be sure your hands are clean well as well in case your are transfering some allergen to your eyes. * And use a fresh clean face towel to dry.
* If you don’t have witch hazel than try using cucumber slices. Which hazel is best though.
*Keep your hair off your face till you can wash it and be sure you don’t have anything in it that is coming in contact with your face.
*If you have a cold, than rinse your sinuses with saline solution to clean it out as well. Blowing your nose will help clear out your eyes of any mucus build up.
If this does not help at all than see your doctor tomorrow to see what may be the problem
I know for me it is usually allergies or head colds that may bring it on and I’ve always solved it with doing what I said above.

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You need a lot of rest and see the doctor asap.

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Use a little baby shampoo (no tears formula) to clean your eyes. Or put a half teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda (I’m in UK, you may call it something else) in a half pint of boiled then cooled water and use cotton wool balls to clean your eyes. Don’t double dip (ie put a cotton wool ball that’s touched your eye back in the bicarb solution). You can do either of these daily to keep your eyes clear of gunk and prevent infections

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Zaditor is an over the counter antihistamine eye drop. We use that at home. It works fairly well to alleviate allergy effects on our eyes.

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You guys definitely kept me from panicking that evening. My eyes are mostly better now – this turned out to be a heightened allergic reaction, probably to mice that recently took up residence in my apartment building’s basement. The mice are being eradicated; I have some nice Pataday drops, and am feeling well. Thank you all very much for answering my question!

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Yeah, I like Pataday better but my prescription ran out…

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