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How long do you think it may be before we declare war on Iran & what do you think the instigating factor might be?

Asked by Linda_Owl (7728points) January 31st, 2012

The industrialized nations have decided that Iran must be prevented from developing nuclear power (because Iran feels they have the right to have nuclear weapons) & most countries refuse to concede that Iran has the right to have nuclear weapons. So the US has instigated sanctions against Iran that are making things very hard on the Iranian people. They may retaliate by refusing to sell oil to the US or to other countries that have joined the ranks of those supporting the sanctions. Do you think it will be the refusal to sell oil to the US that may trigger the declaration of war? Or will it be some sort of ‘false flag’ operation? Right now it does appear that war with Iran is inevitable, & since they have some of the richest oil deposits in the world (a world that is hungry for oil), it does appear that it may happen soon, but when do you think it will happen & why?

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Iraq was contained for a decade without a full-scale war while the US had adults in charge.

There was a disastrous break while conservatives dominated the government. Now that normal people are in office again I don’t expect a war.

Hopefully November elections bring us more of the same.

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If the Iranians plug up the Straights of Hormuz for more than a few minutes there will be a shitstorm. I may be wrong but does Iran really contribute that much to the over all crude oil supply?

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That depends on whether Iran is quick enough to finish the bomb.
Once they have one, there will be no invasion.
And who can honestly blame them for wanting one?
Afghanistan got bombed, Iraq got bombed, Libya got bombed, and they have every reason to believe that they will be next to be bombed, so of course they want a bomb to deter foreign aggressors.

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If they plug up the Gays of Hormuz, it might happen too.

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@janbb Awesome answer. LMAO
Nice to see your humor returning lady.:)

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If the Gays of Hormuz get the plug…should it keep a shitstorm from happening…right?

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Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have stated that they would be willing to go to war to keep Iran from attaining nuclear weapons. If either one of these bozos is elected President, then we won’t need a reason. They’ll make one up just like the last GOP President.

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“War is never a rational act. Almost all instigators of war end up losing.” Jack Ryan.

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Um, I’m pretty sure we don’t buy oil from Iran anyway…

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TO piggyback on what @King_Pariah said, I heard on CNN the other day (don’t quote me), that Iran only supplies about 6% of the oil . . . And Africa is actually a much larger supplier who we will eventually end up interfering with . . .

I’m curious to see how long THAT will take.

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Does anyone here remember about two months ago there was a news report that the US had uncovered an Iranian plot to assassinate some foreign ambassador to the US? Apparently Iran had arranged for Mexican Drug Cartel to do the hit. Story was aired for a couple of days with the promise of Absolute Proof to be provided soon.

Then the story just dropped. Vanished as if it never happened. Does anyone remember that story?

Point being… the US will look for any reason to drum up public support for attacking Iran.

Ok found the story… whatever happened after this?

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Oh mercy, let’s not borrow trouble that hasn’t happened yet.
No country should have nuclear weapons, and Iran certainly has the “right”, right along with the rest of this insane world. Who so we think WE are, armed to the teeth to try and prevent other countries from following in the footsteps of each other?
Talk about controlling, but hey, that’s what war is all about. lol

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I don’t think it is likely that we would go to war with Iran for one obvious reason, it would start the beginning of WWIII. Iran is a much different ballgame than Iraq and there are countries with powerful militaries that would back the Iranians up.
For some reason if something would happen this would probably be the result of Israel launching an attack on Iran or their nuclear facilities.

There are quite a few neoconservative politicians (nothing to do with partisan politics here)that may be crazy enough to attempt something though and Congress (even a Democratic one) has already proven (in the case of Iraq) to lack a backbone in standing up to warmongering presidents.

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