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What can you do to fall asleep in the middle of the day?

Asked by mignondefleur (138points) January 31st, 2012

I want to take a nap everyday, but given the noisy neighbors and uncomfortable bed that I have, I can’t manage to do that…

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White noise…foam insert in mattress.

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@talljasperman can you tell me a less costly advice? please?

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@mignondefleur I take a warm bath, in the dark, with the fan on, while napping, and because I am 6 foot 5 inches I don’t fear drowning. I do this when ever I need peace and quiet. For me it is free. Sometimes I trip over things but I now move slow when getting in and out and I haven broken any teeth yet. If you are shorter you could consider turning the shower on, (warm and on your lower body) and leave the drain pug out and If you want you can use a towel to stay warm and un-disturbed from the water. The towel needs to be rung out and washed soon or it will get musty and moldy.

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oh, that’s better.. @talljasperman, thanks much for your advice.. I’ll try that the soonest!

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I have a wank when I’m having trouble getting to sleep. I think it flushes out whatever brain chemicals prevent me from getting to sleep.

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White noise (from a fan or something), and a cloth or sleep mask over your eyes. FWIW, I work all night and sleep all day, and this works for me. Enjoy your naps!

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Peanut butter makes me sleepy. Along with the previous suggestions, I think if you pick a certain time everyday you know you will be able to nap, your body will eventually adjust to it and therefore napping will become easier.
When my kids were little, 10 am and 2 pm were consistent daily nap times and I would plan my day around them. Even now, 2 pmish remains naptime for me.
I ♥ naps : )

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A fan.

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Project Review Meetings. They work like a cursed charm for me.

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Make your room really dark.

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Stay up late the night before.

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Instead of the bed rest on the couch or a comfy chair. Either use a fan for white noise, or get some ear plugs.

Why do you need the nap? Are you not getting a restful sleep each night?

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Put your tv on to CNN where they all speak in a boring monotone voice. Just make sure its not super loud where commercials come on super loud.

You can also try QVC as well. Put it pretty low where you can hear it but you have to really focus on what they are saying.
You can also try buying a sound machine or buy some soft music for sleeping. Again just make sure its background noise and not loud.
Make sure the room is dark as well.
Now concentrate on your breathing in and out, softly, but full breaths. Just paying attention to your breathing.

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You can also download the sounds of gentle waves on a beach, crickets chirping and frogs croaking on I-tunes. I have a whole collection of nature sounds which are very pleasant for inducing sleep and drowning out the sound of noisy neighbors.

You also need to have a very dark room, either get black out curtains and/or a roll down shade, or simply get a dark blanket and either use nails or some type of inexpensive hooks to hang it (so you can easily take it down or push it to the side when you don’t need it to be dark any more).

I also found a very easy yoga CD which really relaxes me. This one s called Am and PM Yoga and it’s for absolute beginners, so even if you’ve never done any yoga, this is more like stretching and simple relaxation techniques.

Don’t eat a big meal, nor anything spicy before you head for your nap.

Read a chapter in a book before you head for your nap. Don’t use your computer for about an hour before you head for your nap.

And like some of the others have said, sometimes a recliner is a better choice than your bed.

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There are many good suggestions already mentioned here: darkened room, white noise, soothing music and others. I would add a few. You can put towels or small pillows against your ears to block some sound. Be sure the room and covers will keep you at a comfortable temperature. You may want to turn off phones; just don’t forget to turn them back on, like I do. If you want to avoid overnapping, set an alarm or kitchen timer. If you can’t go completely asleep, know that just totally resting and drifting slightly away from your stressors can give you almost as much relaxation and renewal as a true nap. Soft music is very helpful for this. Do not feel guilty for napping, even though some people think of it as loafing. Your nap will result in health benefits, improved mental state for the rest of the day, and more patience with people you interact with.

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