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What do you think of asking a recruiter for a contractor position after rejected from an offer?

Asked by confusedagent (1points) February 1st, 2012 from iPhone

What do you think? I need your opinion. I’m open to thoughts and suggestions.

I recently got rejected from an offer after an interview. I am passionate in working with the company, and opportunities are rare with this company. I wanted to see if he can offer/pass on to the hr to decide for a reconsideration of a contract job (temp job)? By doing this, I hope to gain their interest within the aloted time, and maybe hire me for full time?

Contractors are temp hires.

Please let me know what you guys think of this. I want to be able to discuss with others before making a plea.

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What could it hurt? They will know you are very interested and the worst that could happen is they could say no.

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@chyna: which is do you think the preferred method of contacting? would it be email or phone?

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I actually had this situation happen. I was not chosen for the job so I emailed the manager that interviewed me asking if there were any temporary positions available. He called me and offered me a temp job that I had for a year. The company doesn’t allow a temporary position for over a year.

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I don’t sense any political issues. The things that come to mind are the inherent characteristics of contracting: Benefits, job security, etc.
Sounds like a good idea especially if it is career enhancing (learning skills, networking, etc)

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I want to make sure that it doesn’t sound desperate to the recruiter, right?

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People are generally impressed when you persevere in the face of rejection and you show a passion for the work. I believe you should contact them in the way that makes it hardest for them to avoid talking to you. If you call, and they take your call, great. If they don’t take your call, email them. Even write them snail mail if you are really interested.

Desperate? Everyone is desperate these days. But what you want to show is passion. Let them know that you don’t treat all jobs this way. Just theirs.

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When you call (or email) say that you are so interested in working for their company that you would be willing to work on a contract basis. Ask if they have any temporary jobs open.

Definitely it is worth it.

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So, I’m guessing. Email is the best way to approach this?
I was hoping to call, but now I suspect that it might go to voicemail…

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Sounding desperate isn’t necessarily bad. It’s sounding competent that you have to worry about.

A lot of hiring jobs are made on knife edge decisions. You never know when their first choice (and second choice and third choice) might unravel.

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You can ask what contracting firms they use. He might, or might not, reveal this information (corporate types can be such @$$holes sometimes). Armed with that information, you would then need to apply for a job with that consulting form and ask them to present you to that other company.

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