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What is Hessian?

Asked by DaphneT (5728points) February 1st, 2012

I know it is a fabric, but it is not a name used in the U.S., at least not where I find fabrics. What is it made from? Can it be made from synthetic fibers?

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Might come from Germany. However it’s the same as burlap.

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It’s made of fibres from jute plants.

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Assuming you’re not talking about the German mercenaries used against the US in the Revolution….

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@auhsojsa, thanks for the name, why the U.S. can’t use the same fabric names as everywhere else, I don’t know.
@Lightlyseared, thanks for the fibres.
@tedd, thanks for the link.
@Blondesjon, funny, lol. Who is that? And really, was that the Hessian uniform? I don’t think so.

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@DaphneT . . . Cristopher Walken. He played “The Hessian” in Sleepy Hollow.

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Hessian may refer to:
Hessian (soldiers), eighteenth-century German regiments in service with the British Empire
Hessian (boot), a style of boot
Hessian (cloth), coarse woven material
Hessian (web service protocol)
Hessian dialects, West Central German group of dialects
Hessian fly or barley midge, a species of fly
Hessian matrix, in mathematics, is a matrix of second partial derivatives

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